Is Jaycee Shakur really Tupac’s daughter?

Jayce Shakur

If you are one of those people who listen and love hip-hop music then you must know about legendary rapper Tupac Shakur. He is considered one of the greatest hip-hop artists in history and I don’t think that anyone will deny that cause he is one of the greatest rappers of all time.

In the 90s he and Christopher Wallace popularly known as Biggie or The B.I.G Poppa or The Notorious B.I.G were some of the biggest artists and they waged coast to a beef. Talking about Tupac there are many songs he dropped when he was alive and some of my favorite are Only God Can Judge Me, Changes, Brenda’s Got a Baby, Dear Mama, and many others.

Certainly, Tupac is known all over the world but today we are going to be talking about a girl named Jaycee Shakur who claims to be the daughter of him (Tupac) but is she really though? That’s what we will find out in this piece of article.

Short Biography of Jaycee Shakur

There is not much information about Jaycee’s personal life so we don’t know many things about her like when she was born or which school and University she went to but we think that she must have been born around 1993-1996 in New York, United States.

According to various sources, she is about 5ft 7 inches tall and weighs about 55 or 60kg. She is an African-American woman with long dark hair and a pair of beautiful black eyes. These are the only personal information we have on Jaycee at this time.

Daughter of Tupac

Nobody knew of Jaycee until she claimed to be the daughter of Tupac, after the claim people started investigating her and she slowly became popular.

Back in July, she published a video on Tiktok where she said that she is the daughter of Tupac Shakur. After that video went viral many people said that she is doing it for clout while many Tupac fans wanted to know more about her.

Is She Really Tupac’s Daughter?

@boogiebentleyLike why ! 😂 ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ jeder der den Sound benutzt findet mich geil – <3

As mentioned she claimed to be the daughter of Tupac and after searching for evidence of her being Tupac’s daughter but could not find any but it does not mean that she is wrong we don’t claim that she is Tupac’s daughter but we also don’t claim that she is wrong. Everyone knows that Tupac had a sexual relationship with many women so it should not surprise if Tupac was someone’s father.

There are people who believe that she is indeed Tupac’s daughter and there are also people who do not believe but the question is whether she is really Tupac’s daughter or not? Well, as mentioned she only claims to be the daughter of Tupac but there is no concrete proof or evidence that proves that she is the daughter of Tupac so I guess just like Tupac’s death mystery, the question of Jaycee being Tupac’s daughter or not will also remain another mystery in the history.

Did Tupac Really Have A Child Before He Died?

Well, Tupac has never made any official statement about his daughter but as per his fellow friends and rappers, it is sure that he has a daughter. But they had never revealed the daughter’s name to the public or talked about her anytime.

Even after the 2pac died many fans and people had admitted him to a dead person and still believe that he is living a peaceful life somewhere in Cuba after acting as a dead.

rihana and tupac

If you look at the photo listed above there is a Tupac and a lady which looks very similar to Rihana. But the shocking news is when 2pac died, Rihana was only 8 years old and she was no close to popularity.

So, making this photo a subject many fans of 2pac still admit that this guy is alive and living a peaceful life.

2pac has been connected to lots of women throughout his lifetime including Madonna, Jada Pinkett Smith, Keisha Morris, and a lot more. When Keisha and 2pac got married their relationship only lasted for 5 months and they finally separated.

Later, at the time of his death, this man was in a serious relationship with Kidada Jones who is also a daughter of Quincy Jones. The couple did not have any kids because if they had then surely it would have made big headlines in newspapers.

Tupac Did Want To Have Kids

As per some sources 2pac wanted to have kids with Keisha Morris and he even talked about it with her. Talking with Source Magazine 2pac ex-wife said,

“Tupac picked out names he wanted to move to Arizona and name our Daughter Star and our son Michelangelo.”

Later she also added that the reason their kid’s wish is not being successful is because of the too much weed consumption by Tupac, which made a problem in his offspring’s production capacity.

Busta Rhymes stated that he has a daughter

New York’s favorite rapper Busta Rhymes has once made a statement about 2pac daughter in his music line.

In the 1997’s Busta album When Disaster Strikes he added a line in a “Thank you Section” stating about 2pac daughter. In the line, he said, ‘Tupac: soldier, warrior, may Allah bless your family, your daughter, her mother, your mother.”

Also, later a photo was published with 2pac and his family where his mother was holding a small baby.

So, due to these statements and proofs, many believe that Tupac has a daughter but they were never able to find out the real daughter of 2pac.

And till now his fellow friends or family has never made any announcement about 2pac offsprings.

Is She Active on Social Media?

Yes, she is active on major social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. She has 16k followers on her Instagram account but for an unknown reason, she has kept it private, and on Tiktok she has more than 249k followers, similarly, on Youtube, she only has 225 subscribers now.

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