Is Jay Leno Gay? About His Love Life

Jay Leno

People started to search about Jay Leno’s sexuality after he attended the TV show, where the host Ellen DeGeneres was expressing her thought about same-sex marriage and she also said that she support this practice.

Encountering the thought of Ellen, Jay also said that he is very happy to support this society and he has been supporting the society in Massachusetts.

He said, “I come from Massachusetts, and they’ve had it in Massachusetts for a long time. And it’s fine. The world doesn’t collapse.”

After his answer, this famous comedian came into the world of rumor and debate where many people started to think that he is gay and others started to think of him as only a supporter of the LGBTQ society.

And he also did his best to clear this rumor by living an open life surrounded by paparazzi. But still, to this time some of his fans wonder whether Jay is gay or not. So, directly jumping into the answer let’s take some deep dive into this guy’s personal and family life as well.

Jay Leno Personal Life

The American famous comedian James Douglas Muir Leno who is famous as a Jay Leno which is also his stage name was born on April 28, 1950.

His birthplace is in New York where he grew up but later he moved to Massachusetts for building his career and started to live over there.

Jay’s wife name is Marvis Leno and this year is their 31 years of marriage life but still, it looks like they love same each other the same as when they were married newly. This couple does not have any kids and there are only two of them in their family.

Jay is a collector


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His garage is filled with vintage and classic cars, talking about his car collection it is worth around $52-100 Million. There are over 181 cars and 161 motorcycles in his garage. There is no exact value of his car and motorcycles list because until selling them off there will be no straight idea of his garage worth.

Talking about his cars there are two turbine cars a 1963 Chrysler Turbine and Ecojet. Besides this, he also owns 5 cars that were manufactured in the early 1900s.

Leno loves to attend car shows and he is a frequent guy to appear on this kind of show besides this his hobby is working in the garage and repairing as well as modifying the cars.

Jay Leno controversy

Back in 2002, Leno was on a hot topic where people started to call him a racist.

Also, once he made a racist comment calling Koreans and Chinese dog eaters. Which spread like a fire and Gabrielle Union also left America’s Got Talent saying that the show was a hostile place to work and she also added that she was uncomfortable working on the show because Jay Leno was making the show an easy place to work for Asian staff.

So, Is Jay Leno gay?


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Jay Leno is not gay there is no evidence that shows him as gay. On the talk show, he has said that his support for same-sex marriage and LGBTQ is open and he loves to support it but he is not gay.

He has been married to the love of his life for a long time and there is no evidence that shows that he is one same-sex marriage or anything like that. Anyway, this couple doesn’t have any kids but it’s their personal choice and their personal issue.

Every rumor about this guy being gay is nothing but just a rumor and topic for news companies to make their copies sold more.

What is Jay Leno’s net worth?

Jay Leno is an extraordinary comedian and he is also the best comedian of all time, from where he managed to earn multi-million dollars. His net worth is around $450 million and from the comedy show, he managed to earn $15 million annually.

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