Is Jason Segel Married? About Jason’s Dating Life

Jason Segel

Jason Segel is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, comedian, and singer. In the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, he played a character named Marshall Eriksen for which he is best known for. He is also known for producing various successful comedy movies like This Is 40 (2012), Knocked Up (2007), Animated Movie Despicable Me (2010), Get Him To The Greek (2010), Bad Teacher (2011). He was also nominated for the best male lead in Independent Spirit Award because of his role in The End of the Tour.

Jason has dated quite a few famous women and in this blog post we will be talking about his dating history, love affairs, we will go into the depth of the women that Jason has dated and give as much details as we can. It is hard to bring out the details of his relationships as he keeps all his relations private.

Jason & Alexis Mixter

Alexis Mixter with Jason

There is no information on how they first met but they started dating in December of 2013. Alexis is a photographer and she became famous after dating Jason, but their relationship could not go further as the couple decided to split up.

In April 2021 Alexis shared an emotional post announcing they broke up. She wrote, “It is odd to write about the end of a relationship, especially when the friendship that still exists is so full of life.” “But change happens and we made the decision quite a while ago to let ourselves grow away from what our relationship had been and into what it was becoming. Announcing a breakup on social media is a strange feeling.” She added.

According to the post even after their break up, they are still good friends and she even wrote “Thank you J for being my best friend.“ Jason has not commented anything about their relationship that lasted for 8 years.

Jason & Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams with Jason

Reports suggest that they met at a party through Busy Philipps and her husband Marc Silverstein, after that they started dating in early 2012. At the time Jason was in Los Angeles and Williams was in New York. As per sources Jason even looked after Matilda when Williams was working.

Michelle was not ready for the commitment of the future as Jason was in Los Angeles and for Williams, her life with her daughter Matilda Ledger was in New York, and Jason was living far away from them. But it is not like Jason did not try, reports suggest that Jason really tried to keep their relationship and he constantly visited her traveling to New York but in the end, their relationship could not last and they broke up in 2013.

Jason & Linda Cardellini

After working together in an American comedy-drama series Jason and Linda started dating in 2001. The couple were seen together in many red carpets and even posed for photos together.

After dating for few years, In 2007 they decided to part ways. There is no information about the reason for their break up but it seems that Linda was the one who decided to end their relationship as in 2008 Jason said in Time Out “I was unemployed for quite a while, and I did not handle it well.“

There are reports that even suggest that in Forgetting Sarah Marshall Jason re-wrote the character of Peter Bretter and it is said that the character was inspired by his own multiple breakups.

Jason & Drew Barrymore

After Jason and Linda broke up, In November 2008, Jason started dating Charlie’s Angels actress Drew Barrymore. There is no information on how they met.

The rumor of their dating started when they were spotted together in Los Angeles on November 28 at a bar and karaoke stage. Sources also say that they were being all touchy, kissing and touching each other all night. They were also seen together catching a cabaret show at L.A.’s Dresden Room on December 20. Drew is also known as the no 1 man-eater who has dated many men and women before dating Jason, she admitted that she is a bi-sexual.

According to Elayne Roberts a club performer who sat with them that night, they were just friends and other sources say that they were friends with benefits and neither Jason nor Drew has admitted that they were dating so it’s not clear if they were dating or not.

Jason & Chloë Sevigny

Jason and Chloe had a short relation from February to November 2009. They were seen kissing, sipping Champagne, smoking, at HBO’s West Hollywood Emmy party, they left the party together standing arm in arm waiting for their car. This is the only information we have on Jason and Chloe so if you know more about them we would be happy to know about them.

Jason & Michelle Ryan

There is not much information available about Jason and English actress Michelle Ryan, but in 2009 the news was on fire of Jason dating Michelle. There are reports that say that they were even seen holding and kissing at London’s Paramount member’s club, there is no photo evidence of the incident though.

Jason & Bojana Novakovic

After Jason and Michelle Williams separated, Jason started dating Serbian-Australian actress Bojana Novakovic and he was really happy but not the fans, fans were upset cause fans wanted Jason and Williams to patch up.

Jason and Bojana would often hang out and have fun together says various sources. As for Williams she also moved on and started dating Dustin Yellin.

These are the only known women Jason has dated and if you are wondering if he is married or not then no, he is not married yet. We don’t know if he is dating anyone right now, he just separated from Alexis Mixter after being in relation for 8 long years in April so I don’t really think if he is dating someone now but we can never be so sure, he may be dating and is keeping it private as we all know that he stays low about his relationship so we don’t even about his past relationships properly. Many are hoping for Jason and Alexis to be together again and we wish that too but let’s see what the future holds.

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