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Is Jaden Smith Gay? (About His Sexuality)



jaden smith

Jaden Smith’s career as an actor, singer, and rapper has been nothing short of impressive. With over two dozen acting credits to his name, Jaden is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors for a new generation. As he continues to grow in popularity with his fans, it begs the question: where does Jaden go from here? In this article we will explore Jaden Smith’s life and career thus far. We are also going to answer if he is gay or not so, let us start.

How was childhood like for Jaden Smith?

Born September 25, 1998 in Malibu California to Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. Jaden was raised with his younger siblings Willow and Trey by their mother who is an actress, producer, author, singer-songwriter and businesswoman. When Jaden turned four years old he began working as a child actor appearing on both television and film. Jaden was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2006 and 2007 for his work on the television show The Pursuit of Happiness (2005).

Is Jaden Smith gay?

While a lot of people believe him to be gay, it is not yet confirmed. A lot of people think it is a publicity stunt while many others believe that the Rapper is very much gay. The reason behind this rumor is his relationship with Tyler, The Creator. So, let us see what really happened and this will definitely answer our question.

Relationship with Tyler, The Creator

jaden smith with Tyler

Jaden Smith’s close relationship with Tyler, the Creator has been documented in Jaden’s tweets on Twitter. On July 25th, 2013, Smith tweeted: “TWITTER FREE TILL TYLER GETS OUT OF SCHOOL.” When asked by a fan what he was going to do when his friend left for college, Jaden replied: “@tylerthecreator I’m just waiting till you come back so we can go on tour and play our songs together again”

Tyler responded that they would both be working on their album next year. More recently, after being questioned about having any new music coming out soon Tyler said “just wait it will all make sense,” referencing his plans of collaborating with Jaden once he finished his album.

The Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator relationship has existed for years with family ties being one of the reasons they are so close to each other over time. In 2012 Tyler appeared in a video on Jaden’s Youtube channel titled “Sup My Nigga.” The two also worked together on Willow Creek footage during which they had another chance to show mutual admiration and appreciation of their friendship.

Despite being super close, the two haven’t really confirmed their relationships and fans believe both of them to be gay. We can’t say it for sure though.

Jaden’s Past Relationship with Kylie Jenner

Jaden dated Kylie Jenner for a brief period of time, but they broke up in August 2014 after two months of dating.

Smith has been linked back into the arms of Zoe Kravitz who he had been seeing before breaking up with her at some point last year around April or May 2014 according to reports from TMZ.

In an interview with GQ, Smith talked about the breakup and said “I really wasn’t attached to her, I was just doing it for fun”. He also went on to say that he feels as if they are still friends but at other times is not so sure because she has been acting distant from him lately. In another interview, he expressed his views more clearly by saying that “Kylie’s my friend” when asked whether or not Kylie had made a good girlfriend in the past few months.

Jaden then dated Sarah Snyder in 2015 but they broke up too. Since then, he hasn’t date anyone.

How is the relationship between Jaden and Will Smith?

Jaden and Will Smith’s relationship is very close. Will often tells Jaden that he is “the best son in the world”. This kind of positive reinforcement has helped to make Jaden a very confident young man and an A+ student, who believes anything is possible as long as you try hard enough.

Jaden’s Education Background

Jaden attended school at New Village Leadership Academy, which has been praised by famous celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, George Lucas, Cindy Crawford and Russell Simmons. He then transferred to Sierra Canyon School where he graduated from high school with honors before enrolling at Harvard University where he is currently enrolled.

At present Jaden lives with his family in Malibu California and attends classes at Harvard University near Boston Massachusetts during off season months. His father Will Smith is also an alumnus of this prestigious university; however while attending Jaden took courses that focus more heavily on creative social sciences and philosophy.

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