Is Harry Styles Gay? His Dressup Style and Sexuality Explored

is Harry Styles gay?

Harry Styles is a popular English singer, songwriter, and actor. He began his singing career back in 2010 when he went on The X Factor as a solo contestant. However, he was not lucky enough to win the contestant and was eliminated but he was called back by the creator of The X Factor, Simon Cowell to join a boy band called “One Direction” also known as 1D.

The boy band was formed in 2010, and One Direction became third later in the show. This band was so popular and it also became the first band to have their first four debut albums at number one on the US Billboard 200. Furthermore, their third album was the best-selling album of 2013. Later, in 2015 one of the band members Zayn Malik left the band, and in early 2016 One Direction disbanded.

It is no surprise that Harry has a pretty strange dressing sense and it is really okay with us but because of his strange and weird dressing sense, many also think that the 28 years old singer is gay or bisexual.

So is he gay? Harry has dated many women in the past including Taylor Swift. Once he was also asked if he is bisexual however, he said that he is not bisexual. In 2017 he was again asked the same question but this time he said that it’s not important to be labeled by sexual orientation and he also mentioned that he wants to be free from those labels.

Is Harry Styles gay?

Unfortunately, there is no information on whether he is gay, bisexual, or straight because he refuses to come straight forward and he also asked his fans to stop inquiring about his sexuality. He further mentioned that he is not going to be talking about his personal life.

He respects each and every one of his fan’s decisions to ask and inquire about his sexuality but he also believes that his fans should also understand and respect his decision to not talk about his personal life.

On June 19 at London’s Wembley Stadium Harry helped a fan open up about his sexuality. During the concert, he noticed a sign that read, “From Ono to Wembley: Help Me Come Out” it also reached Harry but he started making jokes “Nope, still straight!” however, later the 28 years old singer picked up a rainbow flag and said, “When this flag goes over my head, you are officially out. I think that’s how it works: When this sign goes over the head, you’re officially gay, my boy.”

However, it is not the only time when Harry has helped his fan to come out. During his concert in Milwaukee, a girl near the stage named Mckinley Mcconnell was able to catch Harry’s attention with her banner and it read, “My mom is in section 201. Help me come out??” After noticing that, Harry helped Mcconnell come out.

Harry shouted, “Lisa she’s gay!” Later, Mcconnell stated, “Harry and my mom both mean so much to me. To be able to share this moment it’s literally indescribable.”

Harry is playing a gay character

As mentioned, Harry is also an actor and has appeared in various movies including Eternals, a movie by the Marvel studios. However, now we will see Harry in the lead role for the very first time in the upcoming movie “My Policeman” in the movie Harry will portray the character of Tom Burgess.

The character Harry portrays in the film Tom is gay and it was reported that in the film we will also get to see Harry perform a gay s*x scene. The movie is based on the novel “My Policeman” by Bethan Roberts. As mentioned, Harry will portray the character of Tom Burgess who falls in love with a museum curator David Dawson while he is already married to Emma Corrin, a female teacher.

The director of the movie Michael Grandage said, “These two men, when they’re together, seem to be free, and then when he has to have an act of lovemaking, or a sexual act, with his wife he seems to not have that freedom, just even in his body language.”

On the other hand, in an interview with Capital FM Harry shared his experience and told what it was like to shoot s*x scenes for the very first time. He said, “All I can say from my own experience is that I was very lucky to have a very trusting relationship within the people that we were working with.” He further added, “Above anything that’s happening. we’re doing this together, and we trust each other. we can stop whenever, and all that kind of stuff. I’d never done that before on camera, at least.”

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