Do You Think Is Harry Styles Gay? Let’s Check it Out

Harry Styles
Singer/actor Harry Styles attends the Warner Bros. Pictures ‘DUNKIRK’ US premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on July 18, 2018 in New York City. / AFP PHOTO / ANGELA WEISS

Harry Styles came in limelight thanks to his voice and his former music band One Direction which hit great success of it’s peak time.

But now the members of all One Direction are enjoying for successful solo career. Also, due to huge popularity of One Direction each member fame has gone up to the sky and now they are doing great on their career. And there is also a lots of rumor about Harry Styles sexuality.

We don’t have any definitive answers about his sexuality, weather he is gay or not. But looking at his prior relationship, we can easily assume that he is straight but we don’t know in detail. Also, many eye were catch when he wore some female clothing.

Is Harry Styles Gay? No, he is not gay.

But we can’t make this as a great evidence to say him as a gay, because it’s a personal choice to wear their own desire of fashionable clothes.

When some media directly ask Harry Styles about his sexuality, he clearly denies this type of rumor. Let’s find out more about his past relationship to figure it out that he is straight but not gay.

Harry Styles Past Relationship

Harry has a romantic past relationship, where his girlfriends includes, most of the famous women singers or models in the world.

His first relationship was with Taylor Swift and we also know that they released some songs together also.

And Harry second relationship is with Kendall Jenner, many photos of Harry and Kendall has been published on media and social medias.

Including these two models, Harry has also dated many Victoria’s Secret models. Some of them are Camille Row, Sara Sampaio and many more. So, looking after these terms and research we can surely say he looks not a gay.

But a normal straight guy, and there is also no any proof or anything that shows Harry Styles being attracted to any man or being intimate with any other man.

Just a Rumor

Harry has been an advocate for LGBTQ rights for many years, and it looks like he support the LBBTQs society. We can also see that there is a free flag swing on his concert which is rainbow pride flags.

Harry has also been asked a questions related to his sexuality, but Harry did not give any answers towards this question. Instead, he replied to The Guardian saying, “Who Cares?“.

Many people also assume him as a gay due to his appearances, that he wears on some programs which is also like a woman outfits.

is Harry Styles gay?


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Looks like Styles love to wear woman clothes, and he also doesn’t feel any problem with this outfits he choose to wear.

For Harry Styles, it not a matter of what to wear but it’s a matter of what makes him comfortable to wear in. He also said:

“What kind of dress woman wear, or what fashion of dress man wear. It is not any kind of related question to me. I think what makes me comfortable will became a lot easier. I also think that people are asking, ‘Why Not?’ and a lot more.

This excites me a lot, and it’s not just about the clothes where lines have been blurred, and it’s going across many lines.”

Is Harry Styles Bisexual?

If you read above paragraph you may have already knew that we don’t know if Harry is gay or not because he has never confirmed it.

But looking the evidences and his past actions it seems like he is not gay. So, what about if Harry Styles is Bisexual or not.

Still, there is no any exact answer and he only knows about it, but the guy who knew about it has made this topic secret.

Although, Harry feels like a gender kind of question is very time wasting and extremely unimportant and there is also no reason to disclose anybody sexuality by looking on their appearances.

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