Is Gloom Married? About Kassie Isabelle Love Life


Gloom, whose real name is Kassima Isabelle, is a Canadian YouTuber of Asian origins. She is quite popular for her vlogs as well as gaming videos. Her first channel was CloudyApples and she launched it in 2011.

The channel is now quite dead though but it does have more than 500K subscribers. She hasn’t uploaded on this channel for more than 4 years. But she runs another channel named Gloom which is her main channel now where she games as well as vlogs occasionally. She plays games such as Among us on her gaming channel.

Who is Gloom?

Gloom was born in 1990 and she was raised in Canada. She grew up with an older brother and she also had a younger sister. Her hometown is Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. But she spent her childhood in Singapore.

She did return to Canada though and she began elementary school. In school, she was bullied for being a person of Chinese origin and this resulted in her self-esteem issues which haunted her for a really long time.

She went online in Public on CloudyApples. This was a lifestyle-themed vlog-like YouTube channel that she started. But eventually, she went on to make another channel called GloomGames which was later renamed just Gloom.

Here, she did gaming commentary videos, skits, and vlogs. She also did parody arts and crafts videos, cooking videos, and more. Her alternate name was “Kartha Gewart” in these videos.

But, today we are not going to dissect her Youtube career. Rather, we are taking a look at her personal life so, let us start with her mental health-related issues, and then we will answer if she is married or not.

Battle with Mental Health

Gloom and her sister were bullied since they were children. The bullying did not stop even when they got older. While Gloom got famous on the internet and got so many good fans, her sister’s life took a different turn.

She used medications to battle the bullying and this did not really work. She overdosed on some anti-depression drugs once. While she survived the incident, the outcome of this incident was even more horrific. Gloom’s sister killed herself.

This shook the ground where Gloom was standing. She was devastated by the loss. Her sister’s friends try consoling her but Gloom still felt regret. She felt like she could not be there for her sister when she needed her the most.

In one of her interviews, she told the press that her sister was a really cool person and she was the one who was helping so many people battle depression. She added that her sister did not really prioritize her own mental health and that might be the reason for her suicide.

Gloom also is very vocal about the psychological well-being of people and she constantly makes an attempt to sensitize the folks about different issues in the mental health space. She also tries to debunk misconceptions as well as myths.

Is Gloom married?

Gloom and her fiancé Terry

Gloom is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Terry. They met through her older brother. Terry used to spend a lot of time around Gloom’s household due to their close friendship with Gloom’s brother.

Gloom was attracted to Terry because of how funny he was. She said in a Q&A that she was the only one to ask him out first.

Gloom was in a really dark phase when Terry came to her life but her life improved with Terry. Terry supported her and provided pleasure as well as assisted her life. The two had a lot of years together so, the question of when they are actually tying the knot is asked a lot.

While it is not really fixed, the pair will be marrying shortly it seems. Terry revealed that he would pop the question when he reaches the age of 24. Let us see what they have stored for the future.

In 2019, Terry surprised Gloom with a ring, and the two kinds of good engaged at that time. Terry had the help of Gloom’s friends to select a particular ring for his long-time girlfriend. Gloom nearly found out about the surprise but terry hid it well in the end!

Terry also wanted to take Gloom on a Singapore trip. But they ended up going to Cuba where they had a lot of fun. Terry ultimately asked for Gloom’s hand at an art gallery and she said yes, so the pair are now engaged. Gloom posted on her Instagram how delighted she was for being engaged to Terry.

So, while Gloom is not married right now, she will be in the near future!

Gloom concluded that she is pansexual

In 2018 one fan of her did a rude question to her making her think about her sexual identity. Talking about the sexuality of Gloom, she has said that she dated many males in past but she also gets attracted to females.

And there were some rumors as well where people used to think that she is a lesbian but it also came out not true because she openly said in her I’m Coming out Video that she is not a lesbian.

But she is happy to identify herself as Pansexual.

She stated, “The reason I couldn’t think of gender or sex previously when it came to wanting to spend every waking moment with someone was that I never thought of gender. All my life, my preference has always been to find people I like. I have never let gender or sex stand between me. I feel almost certain that I am pansexual, since sexuality is such a weird thing, and I just don’t know what it means to be pansexual.”

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