Is Gavin Newsom related to Nancy Pelosi?

Gavin Newsom related to Nancy Pelosi
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If you live in the San Francisco Area you know that the Pelosi’s and the Newsom’s are a pretty big deal around there. The two families are really influential and both of them are heavily linked to business and even politics. But are these families related by any means? Let us find out.

So, Are Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi related?

No, the pair are not related. Nancy got married to the brother of Ron Pelosi who was once married to Gavin’s aunt Barbara.  Complicated right? Anyway, Ron and Barbara divorced in 1977  and then Nancy and Paul married in1963. So, during this time, Nancy was like an aunt to Gavin. Yes, relationships can get pretty messy! So, let us take a look at these families.

Short Info about the Newsom Family

Gavin Newson is an American Politician. In addition, he is also the 40th governor of the state of California. He also served as the mayor of San Francisco. Gavin was born to William and Tessa in the year 1967. The Newsom family is involved in the business as well as politics.

Gavin’s father William was a judge as well as a very good businessman. He formed his own relations with the Getty family, another high-class family in the San Francisco region.

William also served as Gordon Getty’s financial advisor for some time and even took care of his finances. He had a sister named Belinda Barbara Newsom who was a US representative to the UN. Barbara passed in 2008 and she was the one who got married to Ron V. Pelosi and thus Newsom and Pelosi became closer.

Short Info about The Pelosi Family

Ron Pelosi is an American entrepreneur who currently lives in the State of California. He got married to Belinda just after graduating from university. This made him Gavin’s uncle technically.

In 1977, after more than 20 years of marriage, Ron and Belinda got divorced. Ron then went on to remarry. He has a very influential brother, Paul who is a businessman. He works in the field of the estate, consulting, and even investments.

In the year 1963, Paul married a woman named Nancy who then became Nancy Pelosi. She quickly turned out to be one of the most influential people in US politics. She is currently serving as the speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Her position is second to the Vice President of the United States and this makes her the only woman in American history to have such a high position.

Nancy and Paul got married just before Ron and Belinda’s divorce. This means that Nancy and Gavin must have seen each other at family functions and they might have also spent some time together.

As we have discussed, Nancy was once Gavin’s aunt but they are not really blood relatives. After the divorce with Ron, Gavin and Nancy literally have no family ties with each other.

Who are The Newsoms and The Pelosis related to?

Well. In the San Francisco area there are four prominent families; The Gettys, The Browns, The Pelosis, and The Newsoms. All four of these families have some relation to each other in terms of Blood, Marriage, Business, and even Politics.

Years ago, William Newsom helped Pat Brown run for San Francisco’s district attorney post. Later in the year 1974, Jerry Brown, who is the son of Pat became the governor. He also helped the younger William Newsom start his career in law as a Judge in San Francisco.

William finally retired in the year 1995 and then went on to work for the famous Gordon Getty. She later said good things about Gordon Getty. William also provided his astute knowledge of the financial world to Gordon Getty.

Gavin and Betty developed a good relationship and they also opened a chain of restaurants as well as wine shops. Gavin even served as a mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011.

Everything came to the point when he became the governor of California in 2019 because of his connections with influential family as well as friends.


Rich families have their own relationship paradigm and they live off each other’s help. They are strong together so, they have influence over a variety of sectors. The four big families of the San Francisco area really understand these dynamics and they have over the years formed a really cordial and even familiar relationship with each other.

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