Is Gavin Houston Gay? About His Personal Life

Gavin Houston

You must have heard about the famous actor who began starring as a series regular in the role of Jeffrey Harrington on the Oprah Winfrey Network primetime television soap opera, “The Haves and the Have Nots”. he is non-other than Gavin Houston who is also known for his role as Remy Boudreau on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light.

He has also made cameos in hit shows like Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy, Rizolli and isles, and many more. his fanbase has been growing significantly after his debut in “The Haves and the Have Nots” in 2013. He had portrayed the character of Jeffre in the soap opera brilliantly.

But not many people know about his life in the real life.  However, there are lots of people who are very interested to know about the actor’s life and his personal life. He has managed to keep his personal details under the wraps from the tabloid and media. If you are also interested in him then you are in the right place as you will find everything you need to know about him in this article.

About Gavin Houston

Gavin Houston was born on 10th December 1977 in Brooklyn, New York. he was born to Lloyd and Colette Houston and they had and him  Gavin Alexander Houston. His family is originally from Guyana, South America but he grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. Besides that, he also has a bit of a Brazilian ancestor, and currently, he is 43 years old.

According to his birthdate, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. It is revealed that he has an older sister named Tonza Houston. He had been training gymnastics since he was a child and he even stood second in gymnastics in the state of New Jersey. Similarly, he was ranked number seven in the region in his age group.

He has also trained in Tae Kwon Do. He attended the University of Florida and after graduating he studied at the Manhattan Theatre Club. He was quite athletic during his college years as he played football for the Florida university team.

Not only is he athletic but he is also a scuba diver and he has trained for sword and sai combat as well. He has also been a vegetarian for a very long time.


Talking about his career, he began his acting career at a very young age and he also appeared on The Cosby Show” in New York.  After that, he also appeared in various commercials and print advertisements. He also got a chance to perform in Off-Broadway productions in New York City. Some of his work with the production company include August Wilson’s “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone”, “Gem Of the Ocean”, and Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

When he graduated from the University of Florida he started performing plays on and off-Broadway in Manhattan, New York. He also managed to land a role on the former CBS daytime opera Guiding Light. Later, he moved to California after working on the soap opera for three years and started working in television, guest-starred on “Wizards of Waverly Place”, “The Singles Tables”, and “Without a Trace”.

Not only that he also had a recurring role on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He also started appearing on big screens and some of his credits include Minkow, Spy, The Rum Diary, Presumed  Dead in Paradise, and The Secret She Kept. He also portrayed the role of Babyface in the  Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart,

He is also well known for his roles in the series include Ed Benson in Grey’s Anatomy, Toni Foster in The Bay, and Alphonse in Rizzoli & Isles. He also received the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for “The Haves and Have Not” in October 2019.

The agency picked Gavin Houston instead of his sister

Gavin Houston’s career actually started when he tagged along with his sister to one of her auditions. While the agency people were taking auditions, Gavin started making jokes in the lobby which caught the attention of the agency and they asked him if he would read a scene for them.

After that, he recalled the kid version of him putting his personality which made the agency people laugh and applaud. Later, it was revealed that they wanted Gavin to represent and not his sister. However, his sister was very happy for her brother and this is how his career actually started. The two siblings are still very close to each other. Gavin also said that he’s always looked up to and admired his older sister.

Current relationship status

Gavin Houston was rumored to be in a relationship with a woman named Leigh in 2017. The rumors started to spread after the two had gone on vacation together in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Gavin had revealed about his girlfriend through Instagram. On 22nd July 2017, he had uploaded a post that had a caption, “Enjoying my time with Leigh in Peurto Vallarta, Mexico. More pics and videos to come…”

You can watch the post doesn’t below.

Later, he had revealed the face of his girlfriend through Twitter. He had uploaded a picture of the two enjoying the sun in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. However, Leigh had posted a photo of a man kissing her on the cheek. Gavin has also removed the Instagram photo of Leigh so it’s unclear whether if they were really in a relationship.

It is revealed that Leigh was blonde but since there are no updates or information about his relationship, we can conclude that he is single and ready to mingle.

Is he gay?

Gavin Houston portrayed the role of Jeffrey in “The Haves and Have Not” with such a perfection that people started to accuse and speculate that he was really gay off-screen as well. He has also not revealed his relationship with any woman as well so the people were seen suspicious about his sexuality.

But in November 2016, he had made a tweet mentioning his girlfriend that cleared the suspicion. He had tweeted, “My girlfriend started her diet & is looking great. It’s 40 days till my birthday. Committing 40 days/nights to my diet and fitness today.”

Some were convinced that the rumors were false but some unofficial sources claimed that he was single. So, we might not know about his sexuality and his relationship until he decides to reveal it himself. But he has a daughter, so we can say that he is straight.

About his family

As mentioned above he has a daughter named Zoey. But unfortunately, no details about Zoey’s mother have been revealed to the public yet. Not only that he has kept his daughter from social media and the public as well as he is yet to post a single picture of his loving daughter. He has uploaded over 164 posts on Instagram and non of it contains a picture of his daughter.

Gavin had made a tweet back in August 2013 that at that time his daughter was 12 years old. So, Zoey should be around 20 years of age currently. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the tweet at the moment because his Twitter account has been suspended due to violating the rules of Twitter.

Gavin Houston has revealed that he was very fortunate to be the father of his daughter. He had also said that his daughter is the primary source of inspiration for him while talking with Tyler Perry. He has managed to keep his daughter away from paparazzi and he is also very careful to not mention his daughter in any interviews as well. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles along with his daughter.

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