Is Darren Knight Gay? About His Sexuality

is darren knight gay

Darren Knight is one of the famous or well-known comedians and social media personalities. As a matter of fact, he is the self-proclaimed comedian who is the fastest raising humorist or comedian in American History. Many of his videos are viral and have been liked by many.

Before he went viral and became famous he used to work in various places. He started uploading various funny videos and his Southern Momma series became an instant hit or went viral. He joined YouTube on February 19, 2014, and now has 222k subscribers and his videos also get thousands of views.

As mentioned above he went viral or got famous because of his Southern Momma videos but he does not bring up Southern Momma in his stand-up shows much. In this piece of article, we will be talking about Darren’s background, his career as a stand-up comedian, rumors about him, and mostly we will be focusing on his gender identity.

As mentioned above he is famous for making Southern Momma videos and he is also known as Southern Momma.

Short Biography of Darren Knight

Darren was born on March 14, 1984, in Munford, Alabama, United States. He is currently 37 years old. There is no information available on his family.

He does not want to talk about his sexuality. We know that his sexuality is one of the hot topics we find on the internet and many still have questions about his gender identity but he as mentioned he does not want to talk anything about his sexuality and he also declined to answer any questions related to his sexuality. “Many people keep asking about my sexuality or sexual orientation, but I don’t really know,” he said while talking to HousetonPress.

He is pretty active on his social media accounts and some might think that his posts and stories might give us some clue but no his posts and stories or videos does not give or offer us any clues on his sexuality as he posts pictures with mixed genders, but on February 15, 2020, he posted a picture on his Instagram account along with the woman with the caption Happy Valentines Day. The post got many views as people thought and assumed that the woman in the picture is Darren’s girlfriend but he has not confirmed the rumors nor does he have denied them.

In an interview with Sound, a Soul Darren confirmed that he is single and his family and friend enjoy his place with him from time to time. “As I am single and do not have any children, I bought this big home. Because of this, I entertain a lot at home… My family is big, and since I don’t have a family of my own, I don’t let that stop me from entertaining them.” He said.

His First Stand Up was Successful


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When he became famous after his South Momma videos went viral he decided to do stand up but doing stand-ups was not as easy as acting up in front of a camera, he knew that when performing stand up comedy people have few expectations as before he started making videos he used to do stand up shows.

When he was out to grab a meal at the oldest Alabama brothel in town he found out that they give a free mic session every Sunday for those who wanted to perform. “I had been speaking with the bartender, who said he would give me a five-minute slot if I thought I could handle it.

That’s what I did, I told my grandmother a story about her giving us all a whoopin’ just by chance one time. I actually went 15 minutes for my first ever set, which turns out to be five minutes turned into ten minutes, and ten minutes turned into fifteen.” He said in an interview with SOUND AND SOUL.

His Famous Character Southern Momma is Based on His Grandmother, Mother, and Sister

Darren was born to a middle-class family so he had to work to support his family. He started working when he was just 12 years old. Before he started making comedy videos or vines he used to work as a bartender, farmer, car salesman, waiter, and furniture mover.

If you’re curious how he got the idea to make funny videos then here’s your answer, he saw a bunch of people creating various comedy videos and they were going viral so he decided to make one himself to which he got a good response. “My first video got a good response, so I did a second one and it just snowballed from there.” He said in an interview with the SOUND AND SOUL.

As mentioned his character South Momma is based on his grandmother, mother, and sister. “It’s true that 40 percent of Southern Momma represents my mother, but 60 percent represents my grandmother, as she is more animated,” Darren said to PREVIEW918. “A collection of all the mothers I know, including my sister, Southern Momma is quite the character and a hoot.” He added.

When Darren first started making videos his mother hated the character of South Momma as she thought it will ruin the reputation of their family but after she realized how popular South Momma was and how everyone loved the character, she began to love the character and soon turned into one of the biggest fans. “Now, she’s a huge fan of the character and says “My son is so-and-so” wherever she goes. Darren said in an interview with SOUND AND SOUL.

He Has Received Criticism Because of His Jokes

Either if you are doing a good thing or a bad thing there will always be some people to criticize you and if you’re somewhat famous then you certainly will experience criticism and judgment. The same thing happen to Darren when he was performing his stand-up show in 2018.

He was performing and everyone started booing him as they thought that he’s a racist and homophobic cause of his joke but he thinks that the criticism he received is not right and it’s unfair. Soon after his show, he was interviewed by Vice where he claimed that he is not racist nor is he homophobic.

He also said that he only wants to entertain people and wants them to have a good time but some people don’t get him. “In my opinion, you should not run a 20-minute segment in which you criticize a particular race, sexual orientation, or anything like that. Those in the audience have paid to come to see a show, they have all worked hard all week, the last thing they want is to hear you complain about how hard it is. So I just won’t do that.” He said to HoustonPress.

He also believes that because of his background he has missed quite a few opportunities. He does not get how the political propensity affects his career as a comedian. “People ask straightaway, Does he support Trump? Now I ask you what is this having to do with an interview with a comedian? One thing is for sure we live in a crooked world, where things are done differently.

My values don’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican. It is my belief that Americans should be whatever they wish to be.” He said in an interview with SOUND AND SOUL.

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