Is Damson Idris Related to Idris Elba?

Damson Idris

Damson Idris is a famous actor whose career skyrocketed after playing as a Franklin Saint in an FX crime series Snowfall. His acting skills have gained huge fame and popularity all over the world.

Whereas, we all know a lot about Idris Elba because he is a famous actor where he has already played some roles in movies like Luther, Hobs & Shaw and many more. Besides, this he has also played on a series like The Wire.

Many people and fans of these guys are searching for the answers like if these guys are related on the internet.

Are Damson and Idris Elba Related?

The clear answer is No. These guys are not related in any way, many readers of this site also told asked us if these guys are father and son, and some also used to think that these guys have a relationship of nephew and uncle. But this is not true because they are not related to each other by any means.

Talking about their family background Idris Elba’s parents were originally from Sierra Leone and Ghana but Damson’s parents were from Nigeria.

Besides this, they both are from the UK and their birthplace is also London. Still, there is no blood connection on these guys.

Damson Idris’ Parents and Siblings


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Damson was born on September 2, 1991, and his birthplace is Peckham, South East London. There are six children in his family but he was the youngest member. Damson full name is Adamson Alade-Bo Idris.

Talking with Damson he said that there is no information available about his father because he is also unknown to his father. All his siblings were raised by single mom Philippa. Their family economy was not so strong and the mother has to work more than ever but thankfully, Damson’s siblings helped a lot and also did their best for the future.

His siblings are on the right track where some of them are now IT officers, lawyers, and bankers. Talking with The Guardian he said, he was really fortunate to be born as the youngest one because his siblings did their best and also walked a hard life path which made it very easy for him.

Damson’s eldest brother is about 17 years older than him.

His dream was to be a footballer

Being a fan of Ronaldo and Manchester United the early dream of this boy was to become a famous football player. His craze for football made him more and more addicted to this game. But his career turned in another direction when he got the chance to play Pandora’s Box at the Arcola Theatre.

His role was praised by the viewers and he also passed the audition which made him signed an agreement for further acting. After this, he also joined the Identity School of Acting and he started to love acting as well.

Little About Idris Elba

Idris was born on September 6, 1972, and her birthplace is in London, England. His family was originally from Sierra Leone but his mom was from Ghana. They move to the UK for a better life and started to live there. When he was in school he started to attend a drama school and he was also very much interested in acting.

After he completed his higher education he began to pursue a career in DJing and the music world, he also worked for some years at the local pub as a DJ. When he was doing this job he was auditioning for acting roles for drama and movies. But he was still not so much famous in his career later, in 2002 when he played HBO crime series named The Wire this his career and popularity began to boost. Taking about his films this man has completed more than 52 movies till date and also called as one of the finest actors in UK movie industry.

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