Is Corey Taylor Vegan?

Corey Taylor

Slipknot’s own Corey Taylor and his wife Alicia Taylor have been busy these days with Netflix. They have done a couple of projects on the show that caters to the home improvement market. Anyway, the two have also been creative in finding new hobbies, and quite recently, they have been on a strict plant-based diet!

Yes, the couple has been eating plant-based food since last summer. They have made this change in their lifestyle as they have made a new venture. They have a Taco Truck now. This food truck is parked outside Slipknot’s concerts and it serves a vegan menu. So, what is up with Corey? Is he really vegan? let us find out!

Is Corey Taylor Vegan?

Yes, Corey has actually been a vegetarian most of his life. He stopped eating meat when he became an adult. But when news broke out that they were doing a vegan Taco Truck, fans were quick to judge. Some started to say that his veganism was just a fad.

But Corey made it clear and told everyone that he became vegan for health reasons. He said that he has been vegan for 3 years and he will continue down that path.

Taylor also went on to say that he felt quite healthier after going on a plant-based gluten-free diet. He even quoted Beyonce and said that animals are innocents and we should not eat them when we can have everything from plants.

Twitter was obviously divided on this matter. But Corey also took it to social media to address people. He said that he was far from perfect but he was doing everything to commit to his vegan lifestyle. We wish him success in this endeavor.

Reason Behind Going Vegan

Corey said that he wants to eat a lot but eating a lot of meat is quite unhealthy so, he chose to go the vegan route. He also explained how veganism is great for health. Corey has been struggling with his Cholesterol level so, he has been trying to eat better. He says that his cholesterol level dropped by 80 points after he went vegan.

The couple kept the news going and Alicia chipped in too. She said that the choice was made for them by their health status and they were quite bummed as well.

What do they eat now?

Corey and Alicia eat Bitchin’ Sauce as a snack now. This is an almond-based dip and they eat it with some chips. It’s their go-to snack these days. They also have some recipes for the Taco Truck that they enjoy every now and then. They have also shared some ingredient lists with their fans.

Corey’s Taco Truck

Corey’s Taco Truck is open for business and it serves everyone. The truck does a fusion menu and it serves American Food with Mexican influences.

Corey himself is quite blown away from the taste that comes out of the truck. He says that he hasn’t tasted anything like that before in his life. Corey loves plant-based cuisine because it is quite versatile.

He says that Mexican vegan food is a lot better and he also likes to enjoy Italian vegan.

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