Is Conan Gray Gay? Exploring His Dating Life

Conan Grey

Conan Lee Gray was born on December 5 of 1998 (currently 22 years old)  in California, United States. He is originally from Texas. When Conan was a teenager he used to upload cover music videos, original songs, and vlogs on his YouTube channel. In the year 2018, he signed a record deal with republic records that is when he recorded his play record called “Sunset Season”.

As many of you already know, Conan’s debut album “Kid Krow” was at number 5 on the United States billboard 200 which was a massive success so it became the greatest new artist debut in 2020 in the United States.

He is half Irish and half Japanese as his father is mostly Irish and his mother is Japanese. When he was a baby they moved to Hiroshima, Japan and they lived there for 2 years as his grandfather had medical issues. When Gray turned 3 his parents decided to get divorced so they split up and as a kid, Gray was often bullied.

Finally, he moved on to Georgetown, Texas where he explored his interest in music and arts. His teenage year were all spent in Texas.

Is Conan Gray Gay?

It is not clear if he is gay or not but he has teased about bisexuality in his Tweet and also reports suggest that he denied the gay tag, and when he was asked about his sexuality upfront he remains evasive.

But does his sexuality really matters? I mean it’s the 21st century everyone has their own life and they can live however they want and whatever sexuality they have and didn’t exactly for this the older LGBT generation fought for? So everyone has the freedom to date anyone and sings about their lover or crush.

Gray is trying his best to entertain his fans and as his fans, we should support him when he’s dropping bangers like Kid Krow. He is rising as a new pop star so let’s wish him the best in the coming days.

Conan Gray’s Career

When he was 9 he started his Youtube journey (in year 2013) he used to upload vlogs around the small town of Texas where he lived. After that, he started to upload cover music videos along with his original songs, and today he has more than 3 million Youtube subscribers with more than 66 million views.

With a combined number of subscribers, Conan has more than 10 million followers counting all of their social media profiles.

Forbes and Billboard listed Gray in their prediction in mid-2020, they listed him as the leading best new artist nominee for Grammy 2021. In April 2020 after his huge success with his debut album, “Kid Krow” apple music names him as an up music artist and even released a documentary film. He even made his name in Billboard’s Hot 100 because of his album song Heather which was a banger on TikTok a social media platform.

Gray’s Influencers

Gray has been influenced by many music artists like Justin Bieber, he stated that Bieber’s first song “Baby” is one of the major songs that inspired him.

Gray also revealed that he really admires Kim Taehyung from BTS and Billie Eilish, in fact, he told ET (Entertainment Tonight) that he has known Billie since he was a teenager and were friends. He said that they became friends when Billie was 15 years old and watching her do all the great things has really helped him.

Random Facts About Conan Gray

Many fans are wondering how tall Gray is, he is  5 foot and 9 inches tall and he is now 22 years old he was born on December 5, 1998, so that makes him a Sagittarius. If you guys are wondering where Gray is from then he is originally from Georgetown, Texas where he spent his teenage, in an interview, he expressed the town having lots of elder people (old), and a lot of gas stations and cows.

When he was a baby like I already mentioned above his family went to Japan to take care of his grandfather who had medical issues, so living in Japan Gray had stated that he spoke Japanese when he was a child. Many fans misunderstood about Gray and Loren Gray being related but they actually they are not related at all but Gray does have siblings.

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