Is Chris Pine Married? About His Love Life

Chris Pine

Christopher Whitelaw Pine also known as Chris Pine is an American actor and his roles in the movies like Star Trek, Wonder Woman has made him one of the finest actor of all time as well.

Pine made his film career debut from the movie The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement which was released in 2003, but his acting career was more boosted when he played the best role in Star Trek.

Due to role in Star Trek his exposure was huge and after that many moves started to offer him roles which made his appearances on many best movies like Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitHell or High WaterThe Finest Hours, and many more.

His fans has been searching about his personal and love life as well and many of them has also asked questions like Is Chris Pine Married?

Pine relationship with Annabelle Wallis

Annabelle Wallis is a famous British actor who has played the role in Peaky Blinders and in 2018, it was reported that Chris Pine was in a relationship with Annabelle Wallis. At the time when Chris approach her she was in a relationship with another guy.

As per US Weekly,

They met while she was with another person. The beginning of the meeting was casual. Chris wooed her and told her he was a nice guy and that he was her type.

The previous relation of Annabelle was with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, most of the time Annabelle keep her relationship very secret and far from media spotlight as well. While taking with Sydney Morning Herald in 2017 about the reason for keeping relationship secret she said;

Seeing into someone’s private life can be distracting – its hard to concentrate. Going down that road is an entirely different job in itself. It is so important to me to keep the person I love safe, but I also want to keep it safe from everyone else. There is nothing I would like to hide. You just become very protective of your loved ones when you care about them, so it’s no longer about you anymore; it’s about them.

When Annabelle and Chris was spotted on London together it was confirmed that this couple are dating from some time and till now there has been no any issues in their relationship and looks like they are going more and more strong on their relationship.

In 2020, their relationship was more strong it was time of COVID-19 and they need to stay isolation which made this couple more close to each other, they also spent most of their time living together, going to market and riding bikes together as well.

Talking with ExtraTV, Chris also told that 2020 is the only year that he spend with the Wallis family and this is the only year he did not celebrate or spend any time with his own family.

He said, “My first holiday without my family in 40 years is right around the corner… spending the holidays with my girlfriend and her family… This year just is what it is… I will embrace new rituals for the coming year… I can only wish for everyone’s happiness and good health, whether they are near or far from me.”

Chris Pine Relationship Rumors

Chris was on a relationship with Sorel Carradine in 2006 was just a rumor at that time many people that this couple are on a relation.

The rumor of this couple being on relation was started after they appeared on a 2006 movie Just My Luck, but later both of them said that this is all rumor and they were never on a relationship.

In 2009, once again Chris name was linked with Beau Garrett and Audrina Patridge, and year later once again his name was linked with Olivia Munn.

Although, Munn and Pine has never talked about their relationship to the public but they were spotted together on many occasions and on events.

Later this rumor was turned into controversy when Munn’s nude photos sent to Pine was leaked on internet and later their relationship was ended due to conflicting schedules.

Pine love life is linked with many high profile actress including Zoe Kravitz and Iris Bjork.

What type of girl he likes?


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Many people dream to meet popular faces but Chris has been dating a some of women who are also famous on their field but still many of his relationship was ended on rumor. So, there can be question like what type of girl is this guy looking?

In 2013 talking with Ellen he said he was looking a women with intelligence, beauty and humor.

So, we hope that he has found this every quality on Annabelle and wish for their relationship may turn into marriage life as well.

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