Is Chelsea Handler Married? (Her Dating History)

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a pretty famous American comedian, actress writer, TV host and an activist. She is known for hosting the late-night talk show titled Chelsea Lately. The show airs on the E! network. She did this show from 2007 to 2015. She also released a documentary titled Chelsea Does on Netflix in January of 2016. And then she hosted the talk show Chelsea on Netflix. Chelsea was even voted as one of the most influential people in the world in 2012 by Times Magazine. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the top facts about Chelsea. So, let us get started!

Upbringing in New Jersey

Chelsea Joy Handler was born in Livingston, New Jersey in 1975. She is the youngest of the six children of her mother Rita who was a home maker and her father was Seymour Handler who is a used car dealer.

Born Jewish

Chelsea’s father was an Ashkenazi Jewish and her mother was also from Germany. They came to the United States in 1958. Her mother had breast cancer and she battled for 15 years before finally dying in 2006.

Handler was also raised as a Reformed Jew and even had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony. She lived in her parent’s house till she got a place of her own and even attended Livingston High School where she was a really reluctant student who objected to the School’s ratio of student to teacher.

Siblings and Early Career

Handler also has two sisters and three brothers. Her eldest brother is Chet who died when he was just 21 in an accident. She was just a nine year old kid back then. At the age of 19, She moved from New Jersey to LA. She lived in her aunt’s home in Bel Air and even pursued acting as a side project to support herself. At the age of 21, Handler also decided to try her hands in Standup comedy and her friends found it funny so, she went with it and became a pretty decent comedian in the movie industry. 

Marital Status

Chelsea is currently single. If we have to talk about her relationships though, she has had quite a few. In 2006, she started dating Ted Harbert who was the former CEO of comcast. After 4 years, the pair broke up in 2010. Handler confirmed with through her late-night talk show.

Also later in Time magazine, Chelsea shared her thought stating that she is very happy about it also she added reader that whenever they meet a single woman, instead asking where’s your boyfriend or husband you can ask how happy you are? and praise for her decision to stay single.

Chelsea has told to media many times that the happiness she gets from being single is far from being on a relationship with boyfriend.

Present in Jeffrey Epstein’s Party

After that break up, Handler was seen at a dinner party at the house of Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey is a convicted sex offender along with Katie Couric, Prince Andrew, Woody Allen, George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Rose. Handler went to this party because she was invited to it and she wanted to have dinner with Prince Andrew. Handler later admitted that Epstein’s Party was a weird night.

Relationship with 50 cent

Chelsea Handler with 50 Cent

A year from this incident, Handler even briefly dated 50 cent but then she had to break up with him too. Two years from that. Handler confirmed this break up. The two had dated on and off for these two years.

Talking with The Howard Stern Show, Chelsea revealed that they both dated for some years. Once 50 Cent arrive a bit late on her show and to apologize he regularly started to sent flowers to her office and it made her fell in love with 50 Cent.

She also added, “As soon as he began to call my office, my assistant was like, “That’s terrible.” My phone call with him went like this: he’s not a grammatical genius at all, and it’s like a joke. It would have been interesting to see some of the texts he sent me. It’s so stupid, I think. There was one line he said, but it was very cute, so I was like, ‘He’s really sweet.’ He’s not carrying a gun right now.”

Also later Chelsea revealed how they got broke, she explained that 50 Cent’s Ex-Girlfriend Ciara who was also about to appear on her show but 50 and Chelsea got on argument about Ciara which was the main cause of their relationship failure.

Chelsea and her ex-boyfriend Ted Harbert

Chelsea and Ted started to date since 2006, at the time Ted Harbert was CEO of Comcast and the boss of Chelsea. There were a relationship between them and Handler also told to The New York Times that she used to enjoy living with him. She said, “I used to live with my boyfriend Ted who is also the CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group and it’s subsidiaries. We live for about 6 months together and it was a great time with him.”

She also told that her life with this guy was very luxurious and even when she go to work her driver used to pick up her. But in late 2009, there were some rumors like this couple were about to spilt but the couple did not accept the rumor. Anyway, in 2010 Chelsea told that they were no longer on relationship. And a year later talking with Marie Claireshe also said, ”

Whenever I came home from work, Ted would ask, “Do you want to watch your show?”?It would be like, ‘No, I just finished my show,’ and I’d be like, ‘No, I just got off my show.’ In the end, I didn’t do that because it was the last thing I wanted to do. According to my understanding.”

Chelsea’s Views on Dating and Relationship

Is there anyone special in Handler’s life? Probably No. She said that she has done her share of dating but she is not looking for anything serious anytime soon. She is definitely not in a serious relationship.

In an interview though, She did told ET that she uses apps such as Tinder while she is working or just travelling. She said that she is on those apps and she loves to hook up if she is out of town. In the interview, she admitted to being a regular person.

The only serious relation she had was with Ted Harbert. She said that the relationship could have gone somewhere but the two did not really try and she kind of regrets that. At the same time, she says that she is happy for Ted and what he has done and achieved over the years.

Net Worth

Chelsea Handler is a really successful celebrity. Her success stems from her famous talk shows as well as her Netflix deals. That deal alone brings millions of dollars to her annually. In addition, she also has a really good fan following on her social media. She does a lot of product placement and over the years, the number of TV appearances, comedy skits and films she has done has also increased her net worth. But how much is it exactly? Well, Chelsea Handler is worth more than $35 million dollars as of 2021. This is a really great figure for the actress.

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