Is Cameron Monaghan Gay? About His Sexuality

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Cameron Riley Monaghan professionally known as Cameron Monaghan is an American model and actor. He has worked in numerous films and television shows like Malcolm in the Middle, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, NCIS, Jamie Marks is Dead, The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton is, The Year of Spectacular Men, Shameless, Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, Vampire Academy, Click, Shameless Hall of Shame, and many others.

He certainly has worked in lots of films and television shows but he is popular or known for playing the role of Ian Gallagher in the TV show Shameless. His character in Shameless was gay and some people think that he is gay but is he though? This piece of article will answer this question and also we will be talking about his career and early life.

Early Life of Cameron Monaghan

Cameron Riley Monaghan was born on August 16, 1993, in Santa Monica, California, United States. He was raised by his mother Diane Monaghan who used to be an insurance claims specialist and he is the only child of his mother.

He was a really cool and exceptional child so when he was just three years old his mother sent his photos to various modeling companies and after few years he was seen on the cover of the first catalog of his own and by the time he was seven he worked in the commercial for the first time. He was sent to the Addison Mizner Elementary School where he learned more about acting and also he also improved his acting skill.

Is Cameron Monaghan Gay?

Cameron’s role in Shameless was gay and rumors started spreading that he is gay only because his character was gay. But the news or rumors about him being gay is not true at all. “There will be only one time I answer this question here: No, I’m not gay. The character I play is gay. It’s not relevant, so please don’t ask.” He denied the rumors through a tweet in February 2013.

Yes as mentioned the character he played is indeed gay but his sexuality does not matter to play any character he is given to play. The executive producer John Wells also spoke about the rumors and said to TV Critics, “Despite not belonging to a gay community, he fully embraced the character and what he represents.” The character he portrait became one of the most loved characters of the entire show or series.

As much as fans loved his character, he also received the Critic’s Choice Award. After the ninth season, Cameron announced that he will be leaving the series and fans were really upset and disappointed with the news. His character Ian got an ending with him receiving imprisonment where he and his crush were cellmates. Everyone thought that’s the end of the character and it was but executive producer John Wells and Cameron got an idea to keep his story going. “As we discussed possible directions we could take with the character, I felt comfortable coming back to the character both creatively and financially after taking some time away,” Cameron said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Cameron and Peyton

Cameron Monaghan with Peyton

Cameron and his girlfriend actress Peyton List were one of the fans’ favorite couples and everyone loved to see them get married but the news of their breakup shocked everyone. Cameron met Peyton for the first time on the set of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet and soon after meeting they became really close and started dating.

“All the cast members shared a trailer and stayed in the same hotel. The town was small, two and a half hours drive from Vancouver, so everyone knew each other well and became close. In the midst of that, Cameron and I started wanting to date each other; we started dating soon afterward.” Peyton said in an interview with Build Series.

Everyone started thinking they were going out because of their post on Instagram where Cameron is holding Peyton. They were also seen together in the premiere of their movie and only a few days later the news got out stating the two of them have ended their relationship. There is no information on why they decided to split up. We can’t figure out what went wrong with them but while talking about Cameron in an interview with Build Series Peyton said “It’s so nice to have someone who is understanding and I am too. Our policy is, ‘If work comes up, it comes first.’ I can’t picture having someone who isn’t [an actor], but I’m sure they’d understand eventually, but it would be difficult for them.”

Cameron Lost Many Opportunities

As mentioned above Cameron was a cool and exceptional child and his mother saw the potential in him so she sent his pictures to modeling companies and he also got a chance to improve and Sharpe his acting skills when he was on the Addison Mizner Elementary School.

His mom and he thought that he has everything that he needs to make his debut in Hollywood so his mother sent him for auditions in Los Angeles but he was not accepted in any of them and they had to return but just a day after they returned they got a call from Cameron’s agent and he told them that The Music Man wants him for an audition.

They wanted to fly back to Los Angeles but they did not have enough money to fly so they recorded a video and sent the tape to the directors and they were really amazed by him.

“Occasionally, when you put someone up on film, they sort of pop out from the screen. That’s the way it was with Cameron. The minute we saw him, he was the one. Cameron had that wonderful appeal, which we were looking for.” Director Jeff Bleckner said to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

According to Cameron’s mother Diane, Cameron has lost many opportunities because she did not make enough money. She said that it’s really frustrating majorly cause they did not live in Los Angeles as they could not afford to move there.

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