Is Cam Newton Gay? Who is his Girlfriend?

Cam Newton

Cam Newton is an American football quarterback and his full name is Cameron Jerrell Newton. He has been rumored as gay by many people who watch NFL so, in this article, we will find out about this guy’s real sexuality.

Cam has been playing from Carolina Panthers and has a nickname super cam. He has made many achievements throughout his career and in 2010 he also won Bowl Championship Series National Championship.

Anyway, this talented player has been the topic of gay rumors for a long time so, let’s find out.

Is Cam Newton Gay?

Cam Newton is straight and he is not gay or homosexual. Even lawmakers thought Cam Newton was gay but that’s not true he is a straight guy.

John Rodgers, who is also a Democrat from Birmingham made a comment about Cam Newton’s sexuality and this made a huge topic on the news which made the rumor to get spread even more.

Anyway, this quarterback has never made any comments regarding this issue and he is living his life in his own way. Anyway, this guy is known as a supporter of the LGBTQ community and his fans have huge respect for him.

Cam Newton Relationship

Cam has a girlfriend and her name is La Reina Shaw, she is a model and Instagram sensation as well. Shaw has also added some posts with Newton on her Instagram account.

Talking about Cam’s girlfriend she is a famous model and businesswoman too. With over more than 2 Million followers on her profile, she also makes a ton of money through brand advertising.

Shaw’s ethnicity is mixed and she was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. She completed her education at the University of Maryland and the University of Nevada. Not just a model but she has also gained a degree in communication and fashion.

Cam Newton has five kids

Cam is the father of five and their name is Chosen Sebastian, Sovereign-Dior Cambella, Cashmere Saint, and Camidas Swain Newton. The fifth child’s name is still not revealed to the world and the child was born from the relationship between Shaw and Newton.

The fifth child was born in July 2019 and the name of the boy is Caesar.

Cam and La Reina’s relationship came in limelight her past relationship broke and Kia Proctor ended her relationship with Cam.

With this many kids, it takes a lot to feed and care for so, talking about his net worth it is $75 million which is very enough to live a luxurious life and fill the desires of his kids.

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