Is Ariana Grande pregnant, Is This True?

Ariana Grande

One of the world-renowned singers, Ariana Grande finally walked down the aisle and wed the love of her life, Dalton Gomez, on 17th May 2021. After she stepped out of her engagement with the Comedian Pete Davidson, the couple had started dating each other in 2020. But there’s a rumor that’s catching the attention of many after her marriage. Currently, a picture of Ariana Grande flaunting her baby bump is trending on the internet. However, the singer wasn’t the one who shared the picture, it was other people who posted the picture on Twitter and Instagram.

While the singer is enjoying her time and space in her newly married life and is not much active on any social media platforms. Her fans are very eager to hear the news that she is going to plan family super soon and they are also waiting for her to confirm her pregnancy rumor. While most of us know that she wanted to be a young mother because she had said many times that she wants to be a young mother as she finds them empowering and inspiring.

She said, “Could you imagine that a woman fulfilled her dreams and returns home, tiny babies are running to her telling how proud they are of their mama. That’s the life I  want.”

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

During the pandemic, Ariana was looking for a new property in Los Angeles so she had contacted a real estate company. When visiting the site, she saw Dalton Gomex and they had love at first sight. Ariana was completely in love with Dalton and said, “You Are Very Cute” over and over again to which Dalton kept on replying by saying, “Thank you so much, Ma’am. You made my day.”

Ariana immediately asked for a private meeting with Dalton and spent their quarantine time together. After that, she appeared on a radio show where she opened up about her relationship and described her relationship with Dalton’s paradise. After a couple of days, Ariana posted a picture of her double diamond engagement ring. She captioned the post, “I Said Yes!”. The cost of the ring was over USD 381 thousand and the ring is a five-carat diamond and oval shaped pearl on it.

Ariana Grande engagement ring

Dalton said that Ariana is very precious like a pearl so she deserves to wear one. The couple were married on 15th May 2021 in their house. They held a tiny and intimate wedding in which their friend and family were present.

She always wanted to become a young mother

As stated above already, she wants to become a young mother because she finds them empowering and inspiring. She also added that “We would be rocking the stage and playing with the microphone, and she wants her junior to cheer for her and yell, “See that’s my mama”.” She really wants to be a young mother and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Dalton holding their child. However, her fans are so supportive that they want the rumors to be true because their favorite singer’s wish had been fulfilled. She is one of the most popular personalities in the music industry and she is committed to never letting the child inside her die.

Unlike others, she is quite different making her “The Ariana Grande”. She has posted their wedding pictures on Instagram that you can see above and the two look perfect and they deserve all the happiness in their life. Ariana has been through a lot as she survived a bomb blast and her former fiance Mac fell into his demise. She had almost given up on love after things didn’t work out with Pete. But, unexpectedly she found the love of her life, and let’s hope that only happiness comes to their life.

Is the pregnancy rumor true?

No, the pregnancy is not true. We can say so because in one of her latest Instagram posts we can see that her baby bump is not visible. That should be quite impossible to hide as the baby bump should have been even bigger after some months. So, she is not pregnant. Here’s her latest Instagram picture.

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