Is Andrew Garfield in Morbius?


Ever since the latest Spiderman movie No Way Home was released people are going crazy as we got to see all three spidermen together. Also, now that Andrew Garfield‘s spiderman is getting all the love and support he deserved many of us are really happy for him as many people did not like his spiderman before no way home.

But now, every one of us spiderman fans is asking Sony to make The Amazing Spiderman 3 with Andrew’s Spiderman. the hashtag makes The Amazing Spiderman 3 is now trending on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is no hidden news that Sony is considering doing multiple projects with Andrew Garfield and I have a very high feeling that Sony will finish the trilogy of Andrew’s spiderman, after all, he deserves it. Let’s leave whether Sony will make The Amazing Spiderman 3 or not and talk about Morbius now.

Did Andrew Shot Scenes for Morbius?

After the grand success of no way home, Marvel is now reshooting numerous scenes for Dr. Strange 2 so that we can get more cameos and character introductions.

So naturally, Marvel is doing the same with their upcoming movie Morbius and many others. Now that Marvel introduced the multiverse we can expect that spiderman may appear in the movie.

So which spiderman will we see if one did appear in the movie? There is a high chance that we may get to see Andrew’s spiderman in Morbius as there is a rumor that Andrew shot scenes for Morbius and also he was seen together with Jared Leto and also in the trailer of Morbius we can see the same Oscorp building we saw in Andrew’s spiderman universe.

Will Andrew Garfield Return in The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

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