Is ‘Anatomy Of A Scandal’ A True Story?

is anatomy of a scandal a true story

News of rape, abuse, and the rich having their privilege while the agony of the poor is ignored. Reading this some might think about movies but this kind of story is not only shown in a movie it is the truth of our society and world. These types of films or series are just a mirror that shows the reality of today’s world.

As mentioned there are few movies and series that show the reality of our society so many people even get confused if the movie or the series is based on a true story or fictional. That is exactly what is happening with the series Anatomy of a Scandal which is streaming on Netflix. Some people are not sure if the story is real or fictional so this piece will help you clear your doubt but first let’s talk about the storyline of this series.

A live adaptation of a novel

This is a live adaptation of a popular book or novel of the same name which is written by Sarah Vaughan. It has a political thriller theme and it is about a politician named James Whitehouse whose character is portrayed by Rupert Friend. James’ life has been going normal and smooth but his whole life gets turned over after he gets accused of sexual assault by Olivia who is portrayed by Naomi Scott with whom he was having an affair.

Olivia used to work under James but her accusation makes the headlines and the news spreads wildly threatening his marriage life as well as his career and might even affect his friend Prime Minister’s position. Now the question is whether James is guilty or not. Furthermore, is this story based on a true event?

Is Anatomy of a Scandal a true story?

To keep its answer simple, no, it is not a true story. As mentioned above it is not a true story but it is based on a book written by Sarah Vaughn. However, the story itself is certainly influenced by true events especially those which Sarah herself talked about to The Guardian.

First, she talked about Boris Johnson’s sacking in 2004 from the front bench after his affair with Petronella Wyatt was public. After that, Sarah also talked about Ched Evans’ 2014 rape case where Evans was serving in prison but later got released because the judge did not find him guilty in a retrial.

Just like the story that really happened, Sarah wrote a story and we can really say that she was influenced by those events because her story is similar to the true events. James Whitehouse is a politician who is having an affair with his employee and gets accused of raping her.

Moreover, Sarah has said, “To me, Anatomy is really about entitlement and the scandal of entitlement,” says Vaughan. With her journalistic hat still on, she carefully stresses that Johnson is “not in any way James”.

Many of us feel that the characters in the series are familiar even though the characters of the series are not real but that is the whole point, isn’t it? this story is really relatable to the society and the world we live in so these characters are familiar to us as well as the story.

We can’t say the story is fully fictional

Since there are many cases similar to this one in our society calling it fully fictional would be a mistake. The story itself is really representing the true colors of our society and our world. The director S.J. Clarkson has said that “it wasn’t only fiction that influenced the series.”

Furthermore, Clarkson says that she could not leave the story because “All these characters were so rich, and I loved how the narrative shifted from one character to the next. It was constantly questioning who these characters were as you learn more information.”

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