Who Is Alpo Martinez Wife? About His Married Life

Alpo Martinez

Albert Geddis Martinez who is popularly known as Alpo Martinez was a drug dealer and his name got quite popular in the mid-80s because he expanded his drug business from New York to Washington DC. He was serving his sentence in jail until 2015 as he was released for giving evidence against his former partners.

After releasing from jail he was living under witness protection and his name was also changed to Abraham G. Rodriquez but six years after he was released from jail on October 31, 2021, he was shot to death in Harlem, New York, while he was driving his 2017 Dodge Ram.

In this piece of article, we won’t be talking about Alpo but we will talk about who his wife was and what she is doing now. We will give you all the information we have on his wife so we suggest you read the full article if you want to know about Alpo’s wife.

Who is Alpo Martinez’s Wife?

According to the reports, Alpo was married but the information of his wife has never been revealed maybe it was for her safety assuming he testified against his former partners. According to various sources, when he was arrested and she was also in court when he was sentenced to 35 years in jail.

As per the reports, his wife never left him even after he was sentenced to jail and we can say they were together after he was released. We don’t know if his wife will reveal herself or not but we do know that she and her family are still in pain and are mourning the demise of Alpo.

As mentioned Alpo was shot to death on October 31, 2021, in Harlem, and according to various media sources, he was shot multiple times in his arm, chest, and chin, and it seems that he was still alive even after being shot multiple times as he was immediately taken to the Harlem Hospital Center where he was pronounced dead.

Even after trying their best and working really hard, the NYPD has not been able to find the man who shot Alpo, we hope that the victim’s family finds justice soon.

Alpo’s Son is a Musician

Popperazzi Po is the son of notorious drug lord Alpo Martinez and even though we know about Popperazzi we still have no clue who Alpo’s wife or Popperazzi’s mother is. As per the reports, Popperazzi’s real name is Randy Harvey.

Popperazzi is the CEO of O3GMG which seems to be a music group and as mentioned he is also a rapper who has released several songs like Po-Time, New York City, Paranoid, Show Me, Memory Problems, Get Shot, and many others.

He was really sad and traumatized upon hearing the news of his father’s death, we hope that he and his family find peace and get through this tough time.

How Much Was Alpo Worth?

Alpo was one of the notorious drug lords of America who used to traffic drugs from New York to Washington DC so we can guess that he made tons of money from drug trafficking. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million which will be inherited by his wife most probably.

Early Life of Alpo Martinez

Alpo was born on June 8, 1966, in New York City, United States. He came of Puerto Rican descent and he was one of the two children of his single mother. He went to various schools but later dropped out when he was in his second year.

After dropping out of school he met a drug dealer Azie Faison and started selling drugs. He was only 13 years old when he started selling drugs. He then kept doing his job and around the mid-80s his name got bigger as he became one of the biggest drug lords or dealers in the west. He wanted to expand his business so he decided to move to Washington D.C. and after moving there he immediately connected with the underworld and expanded his business.

Alpo is a Murderer

Alpo was arrested on November 7, 1991, for selling illegal drugs. Furthermore, it was also believed that he was involved in various murder cases and according to the sources, it is said that he was charged with 14 counts of murder.

Along with the murders he was believed to be involved was of Richard PorterMichael Anthony Salters, and Demencio Benson. Reports have shown that he murdered Porter for the drug money that Porter owned him.

He was about to get either life imprisonment or a death sentence without the chance of parole as there were many witnesses that testified against him.

He was in Federal Witness Protection

As soon as he was about to get sentenced to either life imprisonment or death sentence, he agreed to give information about his fellow members and their group and for his action, he was then ordered to go to prison for 35 years according to VannDigital.

He was released in 2015 from WITSEC FCI federal prison. He was 49 years old when he got out of prison and he was under federal witness protection after his release so his identity was also changed and he was living as Abraham G. Rodriquez.

Alpo Betrayed the Man Who Protected Him

As per the VannDigital, Alpo testified against Wayne Silk Perry who protected Alpo on the streets. Alpo gave out that Wayne killed Garrett Gary Terrell and Evelyn Carter.

After all the testimony Alpo gave against Wayne, he (Wayne) was about to get a death sentence but he negotiated and got back-to-back life sentences.

Alpo was Shot Dead

It was 3:30 am of October October 31, 2021, when Alpo was inside his 2017 Dodge Ram, he was shot dead from the car window.

After his brutal murder police started their investigation but it turns out there are many suspects as many men wanted him dead. According to The New York Times, one senior law enforcement official said, there is “no shortage of suspects.” “Part of the difficulty may be too many suspects with too many motives.” He added.

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