Who Is Idris Elba’s Wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba?

Sabrina Dhowre with Idris Elba

Sabrina Dhowre Elba is the wife of a well-known British actor, Idris Elba. She is also a professional model and social media influencer. In the year 2014, Sabrina won the title of Ms. and Mr. Vancouver pageant. She also used to be a host for a British fan show called Luthera Star’s other Half. Ever since she won the Vancouver pageant she has walked in various fashion shows like Rolan Mouret and has also featured in Vogue and Magazines.

As Sabrina is a professional and influencer she has a huge fan following on social media. In this piece of article, we will be talking about her life, how she met with one of the British biggest stars Idris Elba, and other stuff related to her.

Short Biography of Sabrina

Sabrina was born on 16 July 1989, in New York, United States but she grew and was raised in Canada. We don’t have much information about her school life but after she graduated high school she went to Howard University and after few years in 2001 she graduated from the University with a bachelor’s degree in English.

Not much is known about her early life, so this is the only information we could provide.

How Did She Meet Idris Elba?


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According to the reports, the two of them meet for the first time in 2017 they met in a Jazz bar when Idris was in Vancouver for The Mountain Between Us shooting. According to Idris, it was love at first sight so soon after they met, they started dating for few months and in 2018 they got engaged.

And a year after their engagement on 26 April 2019 they got married at one of the best hotels in Morocco after Idris proposed to Sabrina. They even started a lifestyle brand and called it Sable Labs which they announced in 2020. Their first project is Coupledom, which is a podcast that focuses on couples their goals and their dreams.

Sabrina Risked Her Life to Take Care of Her Husband

When the covid virus hit Europe, in March of 2020 Idris was in New Mexico for a shooting where he got the symptoms of covid and was tested positive for the virus. Upon hearing the news Sabrina immediately went to New Mexico to take care of her husband who was in quarantine. Few days after she went to take care of Idris Elba she was also tested positive for the covid but after taking proper care and treatment they both were recovered.

“This morning I discovered my COVID-19 results were positive. I am feeling okay. I am not showing any symptoms thus far. I was recently isolated due to the possibility of being exposed to the virus. Don’t go out and be pragmatic. My progress will be updated for you. No panic.” He posted a video on Twitter.

After the video fans started questioning why is Sabrina staying along with him so he was live on his social media account. “Just for clarification, Sabrina wanted to be by my side. She came to where I am, even though we talked about her not coming, she expressed her desire to be with me, and I love her even more for it, and I would do exactly the same for her. How could I turn down the support of my wife?” He said on the video.

Idris Proposed Sabrina In a Movie Theater

According to the reports five days before valentine’s day Idris proposed to Sabrina during the film screening of Yardie, Elba’s directorial debut, took place in an East London theater called Rio Cinema. “It’s still five days until Valentine’s Day, but @idriselba went down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend prior to the screening of his film this morning.” Rio Cinema posted on Twitter. There is also a video of Idris proposing Sabrina which was taken by ABC News.

Family Background of Sabrina

There is no information available about Sabrina’s father but we have some information on her mother, her name is Maryam Egal and she was originally from Somalia but currently, she is living in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

As for her husband Idris, his mother Eve Elba is from Ghana and his father Winston Elba is from Sierra Leone so he has a West African family background.

Force For Goods


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Sabrina is a professional model as mentioned above but she never planned it to go that way, in an interview with Harrods Magazine she said that she never planned the fame but as she is now already in the game she says that she wishes to use her fame for greater goods.

She is indeed doing good works as she and Idris went to the streets and raised money for brixtonsoupkitchen on September 9, 2019, she posted a picture of her with her husband Idris wishing him a birthday on the caption, she wrote, “I wish the most amazing man I know a very happy birthday. In response to my inquiry about what you wanted to do for your birthday, you said you wanted to help the community, so we headed to Brixton and raised money for the local food bank. I am honored to have you as my husband; you are always so selfless and generous. It’s been an amazing year for you, and I am looking forward to what the next one holds.”

Professional Model

As mentioned above Sabrina is a professional model and she knows how to kill it in front of the camera. She has walked in numerous fashion shows as well as red carpets.

Social Media Account

Besides being a professional model Sabrina is also a huge social media influencer, she has over 340k followers on her Instagram account and as for her husband, Idris has over 4 million followers on his Instagram account and more than 2 million followers on Twitter his Twitter account.

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