Hunter Biden dating his brother’s widow Hallie Biden

hunter was dating his brother widow hallie biden

After the death of Beau Biden died back in 2015, Hunter Biden got into a relationship with the wife of Beau and her name is Hallie Biden. The widow and Hunter got together and even formed a close bond with each other. In a memoir, Hunter writes about how he and Hallie were there for each other to get through the death of Beau.

Beau died in 2015 after struggling with brain cancer for a long time. The news spread like wildfire and a lot of people got hold of the news all around America. Hunter has said that he and Hallie were not close when his brother was still alive but after he died, they got close to each other. She became a very good friend of Hunter and that’s how their relationship actually started.

Hunter, who is the son of the current president of the USA Joe Biden, says that the two actually went on a two-week vacation in 2016. The two went to a ranch in Sedona and this was probably when they became truly official as a couple!

Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden entered into a relationship in 2016

When Hunter and Hallie went on a trip, both of them were at their lowest. The two had just lost Beau and they were bummed about it. They even clung to each other and helped each other during this time.

The two were very close to each other during this time and they seemed dependent on each other. By the time they returned to Delaware, they were more than just grief-stricken people. They became quite official.

Hunter’s divorce with the Wife

Hunter’s wife at the time was Kathleen and she filed for divorce after she discovered that Hallie and Hunter were together. After the divorce went through, the relationship between Hallie and Hunter was made public knowledge. They had to dodge a lot of paparazzi during this time. After a while, Hunter moved in with Hallie and her kids.

They tried to be normal again and raise a family. The pair had gone through a lot. Hunter said that the two had a mutual love for his brother and maybe that’s why they were so compatible.

The two did not think of a long-term commitment back when the relationship got public but they did want to continue it. Despite the constant pressure from the media and the overall magnitude of the situation, their relationship still blossomed and today, the two are still together.

The media treated their relationship as a scandal but Hunter said that he believed the relationship happened because they both had to move on. He blames fate for it. They got together without even trying to get together and maybe that is what’s so special about their relationship.

Hunter also says the timing mattered. In the time when they had lost mutual loved ones, it was quite obvious that both needed coping mechanisms. The two became each other’s crutches and that’s why they were together. We hope that the two live  great life ahead.

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