Everything About Hugh Grant’s Ex-Girlfriend, Tinglan Hong

tinglan hong

Tinglan Hong is famous for being in a romantic relationship with Hugh Grant. If you remember, Hugh Grant is the famous British Actor who was qute famous for shows such as Dr. House. The English actor is quite a playboy though and Tinglang was stuck in a love triangle that was the talk of media for quite some time.  So, What exactly happened? Well, let us get into the article and find out.

Tinglan was born into a Business Family

Tinglan was born in the year 1981. As you might have guessed by her name, She is a Chinese. Hong was born in the Zhejiang province of East China. Later she moved to London and currently, she has a degree in Hotel Management.

Hong actually belongs to a quite well off family filled with business minds. Her family lives in Lishui and most members of her family are hardcore entrepreneurs with their own businesses. Hong moved to the UK in 2003 and she began her work as a receptionist in a Chinese Restaurant. Later, she went into a brief acting stint but this did not really last long. Aside this, not much information is known about her.

She did manage to make a living in the restaurant business but she became incredibly popular after that relationship with Hugh Grant. So, how did that begin for Tinlang? Let’s see!

Meeting Hugh Grant and Relationship with him

Tinglang Hong and Hugh Grant began dating in the year 2011. But they were not really official. There are was no social media post and neither a media disclosing of their relationship. It was lowkey. It was also because of Hugh’s reputation. He is known to be a playboy in the UK so, that might be the reason why the relationship remained private for a long time.

But before he met Hong, Hugh was already in a relationship. Still, Grant approached Hong whom he met at a Chinese Restaurant where Hong worked as a receptionist. After a few meetings, the two started to get together and Hong did have an idea about Hong’s past life but that really did not matter to her.

In fact, Tinlang actually knew that Grant was with another woman even when he approached her. Add to that, the age difference between Hugh and Hong was substantial. But we guess, that did not matter either. The story does not end here though, it gets even crazy from here!

Affectionate Couple in Public

After their relationship went public, both Hugh and Hong were not scared to express their love in public. They were happy to display it all over the media. They were seen kissing at a pub and then they were also pretty much with each other most of the time. Tinlang was also seen at Hong’s place many times. But grant never said anything about his relationship with Hong.

Grant actually took a break in his career and went on a vacation with Hong. But Hong got pregnant by the time they returned from their holidays. In the September of 2011, Hong even gave birth to their daughter and they couple became a parent.

The parents kept the child away from public attention.

Break Up and what followed next

After around an year, the couple went their separate ways. They did get back together a while later but it wasn’t the same between the two. The relationship ended mainly because of Grant’s image and his past mistakes. But this did not stop Grant from going back to his old ways. He quickly started dating a TV producer named Anna Eberstein. At the same time, he was getting back with Tinlang Hong.

The actual nail in the coffin came when both Hong and Anna became pregnant together. What are the odds of that, right? The three of them were all over the news. Anna delivered a baby boy named Felix and Hong had her child with Hugh. The whole situation was quite a mess to be honest.

While Hugh is literally a playboy and is portrayed as a big jerk, He is a good father though. He is irresponsible as a boyfriend or a husband but he is a great father that does everything he can to provide a comfortable life for his children.

Hong and Grant’s Children

Hong and Grant had two children when they got together. The children now live with Hong but we do not have any information where exactly she lives right now. As she remains away from all the media circus, we don’t really have that much information about her currently.

Grant and Hong are seen in public places though but that is occasional. They might be friends right now as they have their children to take care of.

Hong’s Private Life

We have no idea about Hong’s private affairs. He does no public appearances and hasn’t given any interviews of any sort. Also, she is not really famous on Social Media so, we don’t know what she is doing with her life.

How much is Hong Net Worth?

Before meeting Hugh, Hong was a receptionist at a Chinese Restaurant and she has a degree in Hotel Management so, it is safe to assume that she does some work in the Hotel line. She might have a good income coming with her job. On the other hand, her husband is worth a lot of Money. Hugh grant is a huge celebrity that earns a significant amount of money (which is in the millions).

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