Who is Howie Long’s Wife, Diane Addonizio?

Diane Addonizio

Diane Addonizio is a lawyer in addition to being a businesswoman. But then why is she famous? Well, She is famous for her relationship with the former NFL defensive end and the actor named Howie Long. The pair have been together for more than 4 decades and have three children together as well. All of them are grown up now and are living quite a great life. But what about Diane? How is her life like and what is her story? We will find out in this article today. So, let us get started!

Full Name Diane Addonizio
Birth Date 1962
Birth Place Red Bank, New Jersey, U.S.
Nick Name Diane
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Villanova University
Height 5’8” (1.76 m)
Weight 58 kg (127 lb)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Figure Lean
Married Yes
Husband Howie Long
Children Yes (3: Chris, Kyle, & Howie Long Jr.)
Profession Lawyer

Diane Addonizio lost her father to cancer

Diane Addonizio was born in the year 1962. Her hometown is Monmouth County, New Jersey. She is the daughter of Frank and Maria Addonizio. Diane also has a sibling. Her brother’s name is James and he is into law as well. James is currently practicing law professionally.

Diane’s father Frank was a war vet. He was also a former security director of an IIT Sub college in India. Frank was diagnosed with lymphoma in the erly 80s. He used to live in a cottage when he was sick. The death of her father hit Diane very hard initially but later she recovered.

Diane’s Beauty Pageant Victory

Diane attended the Red Bank High School and later she went to Villanova University in Pennsylvania. She won the Monmouth Country Beauty Pageant in the year 1978. Her high school was Middletown High. She had an interest in Political Science and performing arts during her school days. She also took a degree in Classical Studies and finished it in 1985. After that, she went to study law at the University of Southern California’s School of Law. She graduated with a degree in Law in the year 1987.

Diane Addonizio is An Author

Diane is also an author. She wrote a book that featured athletes. The book was named “He’s Just my dad” and it was published in the year 2000. This book was the result of Diane’s time as a member of the NFL head-up football advisory committee.

Diane Addonizio’s Relationship With Howie Long

Diane had a relationship with Howie Long. She actually married him much later. The two met at Villanova University. Both of them were students. The future NFL star was a senior to Diane. Howie invited Diane to come up to his room and then watch an NFL game together on TV. It was a pretty small TV that Howard’s grandmother had gifted him.

Diane remembers the early encounters with Howie and she says that she had not met anyone who was as big as him but that good looking. She also added that he was always driven and people used to stare at him everywhere he went. She recalls an incident where Howard behaved pretty badly out of frustration while they were watching football. She adds that Howard is quite passionate about football.

Diane Didn’t Receive Valentine’s Gifts From Howie

In the initial days of their dating, Diane did not really get any gifts from Howard and this made her pretty angry. Howie, on the other hand, thought that the holidays did not really mean that much to him and this was the reason why he never really celebrated them like they were supposed to be celebrated.

Diane explained about her husband’s disinterest in it as something trivial. She also said that her husband likes children’s beds because he did not have one growing up. Howie grew up bouncing from relative to relative so, he did not really have all the experience with festivals and holidays.

They did date for many years before getting married though. After graduation, the pair got engaged. Howie proposed and bought an engagement ring for Diane after he had signed a contract for NFL for an amount of around $38,000 in the year 1981.

The pair got married in June of 1982.  In a book that is titled “A Farewell to Arms, Legs, and Jockstraps: A Sportswriter’s Memoir”, Diane has revealed that she has learned a lot about Street Smarts from her husband and she also learned a lot about diplomacy from her. Addonizio currently lives with her family in Albermarle County, Virginia!

Diane’s Son is A SuperBowl Winner

Howie and Addozinio have got three children. Their first child is a son named Christopher Howard who was born in the year 1985, 28th of March, and their second son is Kyle who was born on the 5th of December, 1988. Matthew was born in 1990.

All of Diane’s sons Howard Long, Jr., Kyle Long, Chris Long are following their father’s career as all of them are really into Football. Christopher played for the New England Patriots as well as Philadelphia Eagles. He is the defensive end.  Christopher is also the winner of two Super Bowls with both of his teams. But he is retired now. Christopher retired in the year 2019.

Similarly, her son Kyle also played till 2019 for the NFL franchise Chicago Bears.  He used to play for the University of Oregon previously and was a guard for the Kansas City Chiefs. The youngest son Matthew is not a player but he works as a Scouting Assistant for the Raiders. He also worked as a premium sales consultant. Matthew never played football though, he was actually into Lacrosse!

The two also have grandsons named Waylon and Luke from their eldest son Chris, who is married to Megan O’Malley.

Diane’s views on the safety of NFL Players

Since all of Diane’s family is involved in football, she is very worried about their safety. This is why she supports their football career and also likes to enforce better safety laws in NFL. She takes part in different discussions and panels for the mothers of football players where the main discussion was about the safety of the game.

Diane has done advocation for player safety multiple times and she keeps on bringing this issue to the light. Diane has made emphasis on Tackling techniques in the heat, proper hydration, and use of equipment as well.  Overall, she likes to make sure that her sons are taken care of in the world of football.

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