Who is Howard Stern’s Eldest Daughter, Emily Beth Stern?

Emily Beth Stern

Emily Beth Stern is an American singer and song writer but she is more famous being Howard Stern’s Daughter with Alison Berns.

Her father has made separate fanbase on media world and he is also known as the “King of All Media”, in this case we can call Emily Beth Stern as daughter of Media King. Howard has made significance progress on his career time but what about his eldest daughter Emily, we will learn everything about her in this article.

We will also take a look inside this lady personal, professional and love life.

Emily Beth Stern Is The Oldest Daughter Of Howard Stern


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As we already mentioned, Emily is eldest daughter of Howard and Alison, below her there are two sisters of her. She was born in 1983 and her birth place was in Long Island, New York.

She was grown up with her loving family and being eldest her parents used to love her very much, she competed her high school from Long Island and later she attended Tish School of Arts of New York University, from this university she also completed her studies in theatre arts.

Besides this she also completed her further studies from Nishmat where she studied about Torah and she was a rabbinic student in the Aleph Ordination Program. In this institute she deals and studies about Jewish law and teachings.

She is an orthodox Jewish and she has been following Judaism, where she also got chance to talk on Jewish show and she has also wrote children songbook based on ancient text called Perek Shira.

Her Parents’ Divorce Became the Talk of the Town

Howard was climbing the road of success but he was failing to keep his family happy, being very much popular personality in US his every actions and his every steps were being noticed by media as well.

Their family was very happy family at first but as soon as Howard begin to focus on his career only and he became workaholic was the leading cause for his family devastation.

In early 1999, news begin to float and many major newspaper headlines was about her parents divorce made her very sad. There were battle on custody which made a negative impact on Howard’s daughter later, court also give Alison a permission to take care for all of her daughter.

Everybody has their own problem and Howard has done everything to keep his family safe from separation but loneliness and depression is a problem which cannot be seen but it creates big buzz on any family.

About her Siblings

Emily is 38 years old by now but she also has siblings Deborah Jennifer Stern and Ashley Jade SternBeing raise under the same house roof this siblings shares love very much with each other. Ashley is youngest sister of her who was born in 1993 and Deborah in 1986.

Her both sister are established by now and both of them are doing very well on their career as well, among her both sisters Deborah is very famous and she has been doing her best on entertainment world.

She worked as an Actress and Singer

Like her father she is a very creative woman and she has been doing her best from her early age, besides being actress she is also a famous singer and photographer but she has also done good on acting world.

You can also watch her action on movies The Elevator Game (2015) and Remembered Mein (2017). Also in 2005, she was playing her role in a play named Kabbalah, this show was performed at Jewish Theatre in New York City.

Late 1987, she also made her appearances in her father host show The Howard Stern Show.

Besides, this you can also listen to her music album named Birth Day which was released on October 23, 2012.

Emily Stern’s Father Discouraged Her Dating Relationships

Talking with NY Post, she clearly said that, “My dad Howard Stern put me off dating men.” In the interview she also revealed that her father was pulling her from falling into relationship with any man.

She also stated in an interview that how her father content on radio program related to graphic s*x and explicit content made negative influence on her. On her own word, “It’s rare I go on dates [now], My dad’s emphasis on sexuality [in his career] kept me out of the dating ring [when I was younger].”

Also later she revealed in an interview that how her parents separation or divorce created negative vibe on her and she thought that it can create some negative impact on her love life.

Is She Married Or Dating?

Emily Beth Stern is single by now and there has no any intention of getting married to her besides, this there is also no any track recorded by media that she was dating any men on her life. Maybe she don’t want to make it public about her relationship status.

And her parents who were together for very long time also got on divorce made her very thoughtful before jumping into any relationship.

Emily Stern in on Instagram

Like her younger sister, she is also very active on her Instagram and she regularly update a post on this platform. In her IG account, she also wrote a bio describing about her that she is a Jewish Journal Blogger.

With over 1.1k followers her account is very active. Also, you can find this woman in Facebook where she also regularly publish a post.

Emily Stern Net Worth

Her career was very successful and we thought that she might had made very handsome amount of money throughout her career and she still struggling on her career as well.

We don’t have exact data and there has no any source which can talk about her exact income but it is sure that she might be millionaire.

On the other hand her father Howard Stern’s net worth is estimated to be around $650 million.

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