How Tall is Peppa Pig?

Pegga Pig

Peppa Pig is a widely popular kids’ show and it follows the day and life of a British Pig called Peppa. The show also has Peppa’s family and people in the town. Peppa’s father Percy is a fan favorite on the show.

There are also many other characters in the show who have their own charms. But what is Peppa Pig’s height?

Well, if we go by the rumors on the internet, it is said that Peppa has a height of seven feet which might be correct. But the company behind this cartoon has still to verify this claim. A lot of people have said that this height is correct though. It is one of those things that we might never know!

Why is Peppa Pig so famous?

The one-word answer to this question is Kids. Since Peppa Pig is a children’s animated show meant for Preschoolers, each episode is 5 minutes long and the episodes really capture the kids’ imagination. There are very cool-looking characters and storylines.

The show was created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker at the turn of the century. But it got delayed to 2004. Still, the Show got huge in the UK, and because of its simplicity, a lot of parents were okay with their kids watching it. The show won a BAFTA award for the very first season.

The creators say that Peppa is different because he has a family. Not a lot of cartoons had families back then. Since the show had Mummy and Daddy pig, the creators were able to really put humor in it and make the children laugh.

In addition, all characters are animals and it made them funny. The characters were messy but hilarious and it had family-friendly content targeted towards the kids.

All of these things really pushed the show on another level. Ratings were through the roofs and the show quickly became a literal cash cow. It brings in more than a billion dollars in revenue per year and it is broadcast all around the world. There are a lot of ways that the show makes money. Merchandising is the center of all its business.

Peppa’s height and Social Media Fame

Peppa is famous on the internet too. This fame started when people wanted to find out the height of Peppa and the question was posted on Google. People started googling it and the common answer was more than Seven feet, it’s the same height as the NBA players!

The users on the internet had a great time and the height of the character went viral. People started making memes and spreading it on Social Media platforms such as Facebook. This was pretty funny and the people had a laugh at it.  This was particularly funny because if Peppa was seven feet, her parents would have to be even taller, maybe double that!

People on the internet now had a mission to figure out Peppa’s height and this was what they did. The fans took it to themselves and created Reddit threads to post their own calculation. Mainstream media was quickly in on the viral story and major websites such as Huffington Post and CNN also reported this story.

How tall are pigs in real?

In reality, Pigs are pretty small. An average pig has a height of around 3 to 4 feet. But, you must remember Peppa is a cartoon character that walks on her legs! So, that surely increases the height, right?

Anyway, a fully grown Pig will often reach a length of 71 inches. That is around six feet tall (if they stood on their legs). So, the internet height of Peppa pig is a consistent estimate!

The story was first brought forward in 2019. The seven feet height quickly gained meme fame but later all the parties came forward and decided to say that Peppa’s height is around 4 feet. But if you google Daddy Pig’s height, it will show you 14 feet which is still very funny!

The height is not really official though, the parent company Hasbro and Entertainment has not really confirmed the height so, we don’t really know it like that! We can only judge it by the viral sensation that the question created!

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