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How Tall is Goku?




Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z is one of anime’s most iconic characters. He has been on a life-long journey to become stronger and fight off evil with his friends. From young child to adult, goku’s height has changed throughout the series. This article will explore how tall Goku was in different stages of his life and how that affected his fighting style!

What was Goku’s Height in Dragon Ball?

In the original manga and anime series, goku was shown to be 174 cm or about five feet eight inches tall. At this height he also had a more muscular build than his recent iterations. This makes sense as it’s been established that he would take on any challenge without hesitation.

Goku’s height by the end of Dragon Ball was 188 cm (about six feet two inches). This makes him the tallest character of the series. At this point, Goku still retained most of his fighting abilities from when he was a child and relied on brute force to win battles. He also had an array of techniques that were more suited for taller fighters like his famous Kamehameha attack.

How tall was Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

As the series went on, goku was shown to grow taller. In the anime he became 190 cm or about six feet three inches tall and his build turned more slender after being trained by King Kai for a year before fighting Frieza. In the manga, goku’s height was still 174 cm.

How Tall is Goku in Dragon Ball Super?

In the current series, goku’s height has decreased to 180 cm (about five feet eleven inches). This may seem like a big difference from how tall he was at the end of Dragon Ball but it makes sense when you think about what he’s been doing for the last 18 years. Goku has spent this time training to be a better fighter and dedicated himself less to physical brawls. He also had some of his techniques changed that were more suited for shorter fighters like his famous Instant Transmission technique, which is now used as an evasive maneuver rather than how he would move across long distances.

Goku’s height difference in Anime and Manga

In the original Japanese manga, Goku was much taller than most characters. However, he shrinks as a child and grows as an adult throughout various parts of the series.- There are many instances where Goku is shown to be shorter or about the same size with other characters such- His son, Gohan, is shown to be taller than his father in the Cell Saga.

Goku is known for changing heights throughout his life; this change usually coincides with anime vs manga differences. He starts off shorter than most characters, but then grows taller than most at the end of Dragon Ball Z. His son Gohan is shown to be taller than his father in the Cell Saga, and by the beginning of Dragon Ball Super Goku’s height was corrected and he stands at approximately 175 cm tall or a little over five feet eight inches.

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