How Old is Tara August?

tara august

Tara August may sound not so big but she is a person who is responsible for the management of the biggest sports stars like Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and many others.

Besides, she is also Senior Vice President of Talent Relations and Special Projects for Turner Sports and Bleacher Report. Tara has good experience in the media world so, she is also in charge of the division’s top on-air broadcasters.

What is Tara August Age?


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There is no exact date Tara has revealed on the internet so, we can only make a guess but as per some data, her age range is between 30-40.

And there are many details which are lacking about her. Anyway, she is doing best at her work and she has been liked by famous people because of her proper managing skills.

Tara’s married life has remained unknown and there is no information about her husband as well. We can safely assume maybe she is unmarried or maybe divorced.

Tara August Net Worth

August loves to keep her personal and professional work separate also, she never wanted to come in limelight or to get unwanted media attention.

Her net worth is secret but it is sure that she had made millions from her career. We can say that she is a millionaire and working on top management level she is surely making a lot of money.

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