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How many times has Goku died?




In the Dragon Ball Series, death is not really a big deal, you can die and still be revived with the Dragon Balls. This is why Death is commonly referred to as “passing on to the other world.” Death is regarded as a different dimension and some characters are very strong to die. Goku is the lead protagonist and he has also died a few times in the series, how many times exactly? Let us find out.

Goku doesn’t need to die in order for him to pass on. Passing on can happen through means other than death, such as fusing with a character like Vegeta and then splitting from them during the Fusion Dance.

How many times has Goku died?

Goku has passed on at least three times: when he was killed by Raditz and King Piccolo; after cell self destructed himself; and when his body had to leave earth and return to the spirit world when the day of the Marital Arts tournament ended.

First time

The first time we know for sure is when Raditz killed goku and this in turn pushed Goku straight to the other world where he trained with King Kai and learned the Kaioken technique which he used later against Nappa and Vegeta.

Second Time

Goku passed on after cell’s perfect form’s self-destruction at the end of the Cell Saga. This happened after Cell’s battle with Android 18, where Cell was finally destroyed when he tried to self-destruct and take out Android 18.

Third Time

The third time goku died was when he used the dragon balls to wish for a day off. After getting killed by Cell, Goku went to the spirit world but he made a deal with Baba to give him one day on earth to take part in the World Martial Arts Tournament. His wish was granted but the day of the tournament saw Majin Buu’s revival and by the end of the day, Goku had to go to the otherworld once again. Hence, he died again!

Escape from death

There is an instance where Goku died and returned alive again. This is a little more complicated than the first three instances because during this incident, his spirit went into another world after getting killed by King Piccolo but it eventually made its way back home before ever reaching the afterlife. Unfortunately for him though, he would have still been able to return even if he had reached the otherworld because as soon as Chi-Chi cried over him enough times, he would have been able to come back.

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