How Did Virgil Abloh Die?

virgil abloh

Virgil Abloh was an American businessman, entrepreneur, and fashion designer who was artistic director of popular fashion house and luxury goods company Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection.

He was also the CEO of an Italian luxury fashion label Off-White which he founded back in 2012. His fashion label Off-White is really popular and he has already collaborated with many popular brands like Levi’s, Jimmy Choo, Nike, Evian, and IKEA.

This article is a tribute to Virgil Abloh and we will talk about all his life until his death in this piece article, we will look through his early life, how he succeeded, and since he is no more with us we will also talk about how he died, may his soul rest in peace.

How Did Virgil Abloh Die?


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As much as he was successful in life with his company he was not successful to prevent his death. In 2019, he was diagnosed with cardiac angiosarcoma which is a rare and aggressive cancer of endothelial cells of blood vessels and this cancer can happen to anyone of any age.

He kept his cancer diagnosis a secret. It’s really sad that no amount of money can give you life as we know Virgil was really successful and had made a huge fortune but even with all those he couldn’t win against cancer and left this world on November 28, 2021, may his soul find peace and his family and friends find the strength to go through this hard time.

Short Biography of Virgil Abloh

Virgil was born on September 30, 1980, in Rockford, Illinois. His mother used to be a dressmaker who designed custom designs for other people and his father used to be a manager at a paint company.

He grew up in Rockford and growing up he learned how to sew from his mother and he went to Boylan Catholic High School and graduated in 1998. After completing high school he enrolled in the University of Wisconsin–Madison from where he graduated in 2002 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in civil engineering.

He continued his study at the Illinois Institute of Technology and in 2006 he got his Master of Architecture degree. It is said that when he was in IIT, architect Rem Koolhaas was designing a building that really helped him in his fashion interest.

He also used to write about fashion and design for The Brilliance and when he was in a Chicago print shop working on his designs there he met one of the iconic musicians Kanye West.

About Virgil Abloh’s Wife, Shannon Abloh

Rise to Success

Many may not know but Virgil interned at Fendi after he completed his study and he was in the same class as Kanye West in 2009. The two began working and collaborating together. While working with Kanye, CEO of Louis Vuitton Michael Burke was really impressed with Virgil.

Later Kanye appointed Virgil as the creative director of his company Donda. It is also said that he was asked by Kanye to become artistic director of Jay-Z and Kanye’s album Watch the Throne. In 2012, Virgil launched Pyrex Vision his first company but a year later he shut down the company.

And many of us already know that he founded his well-known company Off-White in 2012 and his company is now really successful as it has the hottest label in the world, more than Gucci. moreover as mentioned Off-White has already collaborated with well-known brands like Nike, IKEA, Levi’s, Jimmy Choo, and many others.

Virgil was made artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear on March 25, 2018, and he was the first African to become the artistic director who would lead the brand’s menswear. He was with Louis Vuitton from 2018 to his death on November 28, 2021.

What is Virgil Abloh Net Worth?

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