How Did Tyler Perry Become so Rich?

Tyler Perry

There is no surprise in people from the film industries make thousands and millions. Especially in Hollywood, even the actors who’re not much popular are earning a very good amount and many of them are multi-millionaires. Do we need to even talk about A-list actors and actresses? they are on the next level, they get millions of dollars just for their small cameo role.

We have also heard about various actors and others who made it through their hard work. Today we are going to be talking about an American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer Tyler Perry. How much do you think is Tyler’s net worth? even well-known and highest-paid actor Dwyane Johnson has a net worth of $800 million. So you may think that Tyler is not worth more than Dwyane but Tyler has worked hard for many years and he has a total net worth of $1 billion.

He is one of those people who was born poor but became successful through their hard work and commitment. We can also say that Tyler’s a perfect example of a self-made person. He was even listed in the list of the most successful Hollywood people back in 2020. So how did Tyler become this wealthy? what can we learn from him? we will find out in this article.

How did Tyler Perry become so rich?

So how did once a homeless man become a billionaire? let’s find out. He used to get abused by his own father and was assaulted sexually by his friend’s mother. He needed something to help him and for therapy sessions, he didn’t have money so he started writing which was like his therapy. Later he dropped out of school and got his GED. After that, he started doing various jobs.

He used to work at Windsor Court Hotel and he also used to sell cars and collect bills. During his Windsor Court Hotel, he used to collect abandoned badges from the conference to get into the events, by doing so he once met Pat Sajak.

Tyler saved around $12,000 and produced his play called “I Know I’ve Been Changed” however, the play wasn’t much successful so he had to sleep in his car for three months but after that things turned around and as per the reports, estimated over 35,000 people used to come to watch his plays every week.

Later he invested all the money he saved for “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” his first movie that was released in 2005 and became really successful, it grossed over $50 million. After that in 2006, he came up with a sitcom called “House of Payne” which he sold to CW for $200 million.

Many people also know Tyler as Madea which is a character that Tyler created based on his mother and aunt. This character is so famous that there are 14 Madea movies. With all these movies Tyler made over $670 million at the box office.

Perry also owns the Tyler Perry Studios which he founded in 2006 and now is the largest film production studio in the United States. He bought 330 acres in 2015 and celebrated the grand opening of a new studio location in 2019. His production studio is twice the size of Warner Bros where he also lets other companies use his studio.

Furthermore, he also has a deal with BET+ and this deal alone will get him $150 million. Managing all this must be tough right? he must be very busy don’t you think? that’s what we all think but Tyler says that he takes a break, he told in an interview with Parade,

“If I work three months nonstop, seven days a week, 18 hour days, then I’ll take a month or two off and just do absolutely nothing,”

However, his lifestyle was affected after his son Aman Tyler Perry in November 2014. Perry told in the same interview,

“It forced me to slow down, take a minute, smell the flowers, because all through my 20s and 30s I was working nonstop and wouldn’t take a break, but now, as I’m getting older, I’ve realized the importance of just spending time with family, but also checking in with myself, which is really, really important.”

His net worth

We talked about how he made all his money above and now let’s know how much he is worth. First, let’s just say that Perry has earned enough money that he and his family can enjoy their life without working for the rest of their life. Just imagine how would it feel like for someone who once was homeless to become this successful.

Now about his net worth, as per Forbes Perry’s net worth was estimated to be around $1 billion in September 2020.

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