How Did Todd Chrisley Make His Money?

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Todd Chrisley is a reality TV star who has made millions of dollars through his show “Chrisley Knows Best.” But how did he get to this point? If you are curious about how Todd Chrisley amassed his fortune, then keep reading.

In this article, we will take a look at how he got started and how the success of his business venture led him to become one of the most famous people in reality television today.

Who is Todd Chrisley?


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Todd Chrisley was born in 1967 and grew up in a small town called Georgia. He joined the military after high school, where he served for three years as an air traffic controller.

After his service ended, Todd went into business with his father-in-law to create their own home inspection company which they hoped would make them rich someday soon.

The first few years were tough because no one wanted to hire a new startup like theirs, but eventually, word spread about how great of inspectors they were and now they are worth over $15 million dollars!

How Did Todd Chrisley Make His Money?

Television personality Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley are known for showing off their riches in the television reality show “Chrisley Knows Best” and many of us want to know how he made all those fortunes?

According to various sources, most of his wealth or fortune was made through real estate as he used to be a real estate mogul and after that, in 2000 he formed his company as he had already made fortune and was really successful when he was real estate mogul.

His company would buy forclosed properties (houses) and they would re-sell those properties and make a profit out of it.

After his company’s success, he then started his television reality show which shows Todd and his family’s lifestyle and how he runs his business.

According to the sources, Todd was contacted by many production houses or companies for the show and later the USA Network started running the show, the first episode of show was aired on March 11, 2014, and the show has now a total of nine seasons and it’s still ongoing and we can expect that he makes a decent amount of money from this show.

Has Todd Gone Bankrupted?


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Many of you might think that he earns big and has a net worth of millions but his net worth is really less than what all of us might think.

We all see that Todd has loved expensive things from the show but according to various reports, back in 2012 he filed for bankruptcy and he had only $4 million worth of properties but his debt was around $50 million.

He was doing great but later his company fell apart he was also involved in a $45 million bankruptcy according to Celebrity Net Worth. Also, in August 2019 he along with his wife were arrested for tax avoidance, and a few other charges were also filed in their names but they were cleared from all the charges and it seems that his only source of income is his show.

How Much Does He Earn? (His Net Worth)

As mentioned Todd has been involved in various bankruptcy cases over the years and he was also arrested for tax evasion and even though he likes to live a glamorous life, his net worth and income are not supporting him to do so as per the Celebrity Net Worth he is currently in loss or has a net worth of negative $5 million.

There is no report on how much Todd earns from his show but we can say that he gets from $500,000 to $1 million per season.


Todd and his wife, Julie Chrisley maintain a very healthy relationship with each other that often balances out any frustration they have about work or anything else in their lives because at the end of the day they’re together as husband and wife.

The show has not only become a hit on TV but it’s also been syndicated internationally to more than 120 countries around the world. The series airs weekly for three hours during primetime every Tuesday night at its original U.S. time slot from BravoTV which is 11:00 pm EST/PST (not including commercials).

Todd made sure he was always looking ahead instead of dwelling too much on what he had already accomplished so when asked how did he make his money, he didn’t have to say anything but wait for the next question.


Todd Chrisley is a famous TV personality and businessman. He’s the star of “Chrisley Knows Best,” which airs on USA Network in America as well as other countries around the world. Todd was born to parents who had been business owners their entire lives—both his father and mother owned local stores at different times during their marriage. These humble beginnings have shaped how he views work ethic; his motto is “Work hard or go home.” [Source]

He has built up an empire with several businesses that span multiple industries including real estate development firms, car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, furniture companies, and more. His most successful company by far is The Pinnacle Group LLC., which operates three of the most successful car dealerships in America.

Todd Chrisley is a descendant of one of Georgia’s first families, and his family has deep roots that reach back to Colonial times. His grandfather John Samuel “Big Sam” Creel was a longtime Augusta merchant who used profits from grocery sales to buy farmland; Todd’s father Henry Thomas “Tommy” Chrisley continued Big Sam’s legacy by building up landholdings for their company, Pinnacle Properties Inc., which today covers over 20,000 acres across 11 counties with an estimated worth upwards of $50 million.

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