How did Mitt Romney Get Injured?

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has had a long career in politics. He was the Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and is now running for President of the United States. Mitt Romney’s wife Ann announced on Twitter that he had hurt his leg while playing with one of their grandchildren. This blog will explore how Mitt got injured, as well as what it means for his campaign going forward!

How did Mitt Romney get injured?


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The Romneys were skiing at the time of this incident, and it is unknown how exactly Mr. Romney injured himself; however, there are many different theories concerning what may have happened to him that day: Some say he hit a rock or got off course from where other members of his party were skiing, some speculate that he fell into an icy stream below the surface (although no one saw such fall), some think someone accidentally pushed him when they were both trying to take out another person who had fallen down.

But as per the reliable sources, it was the stairs that are to be blamed!

The injury occurred when Romney slipped while visiting one of his grandchildren at their home near Salt Lake City on July 27th, 2015. The fall could have caused serious damage but instead, Mittie broke his arm. He ended up breaking bones in both arms, which required surgery with pins inserted into a couple of places.

Mitt had surgery to repair the broken bone and he made a recovery in just two weeks. The injury wasn’t that serious but it did send shockwaves in the Political Landscape of America.

Campaign Against Obama

During the campaign against Obama, Mitt made a number of controversial statements that harmed his campaign. He claimed that “corporations are people” and that he was not concerned about the very poor because they have been taken care of by government programs such as food stamps.

He also said during one interview: “[A]ll my experience tells me [the recession will be over] in 18 months.” The Great Recession ended up lasting for six years until June 2009 when President Obama signed into law an economic stimulus package to help bring it to an end.

In addition to these issues with Romney’s comments, there were many technical problems on the website set up by his presidential campaign website named, which had crashed due to the large volume of people visiting it.

How was Mitt Romney’s childhood?


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Mitt Romney was born in 1947 to George and Lenore Romney. He grew up as the second of five children in a family that could be described as comfortable, but not wealthy.

As he aged, Mitt became more interested in politics than sports or other pastimes. This may have been due to his father’s influence. In 1962, George Romney became the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in President John F. Kennedy’s Administration, which led Mitt to become interested in politics himself at a young age.

How did Mitt Romney Start his career in Politics?

Mitt Romney had been interested in a career in politics since he was young, so it’s no surprise that his first involvement with government work came as the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association during Ronald Reagan’s successful presidential campaign.

Politics ran in his family. His father served as chairman for American Motors Corporation before he became Governor of Michigan from 1963 – 1969 during which time Mitt grew up with three younger sisters while living in the Bloomfield Hills suburb of Detroit.

He also engaged in some missionary work during this time but would later go back to Harvard Business School where he received his MBA degree after only two years instead of five so that he could enter politics sooner than originally planned.

He began working at Bain & Company in 1977 after graduating from business school and helped turn around numerous businesses such as Staples Inc., Brookstone Inc., Domino’s Pizza, and Sealy Corporation. He became the chief executive officer of Bain & Company in 1984 after growing it from a staff of seven to more than one thousand then left for Salt Lake City in 1985 to help rescue the 2002 Winter Olympics which he was able to do with surplus funds only because his father donated $250,000.

In 1990, Mitt served on the board of directors for Staples Inc., which has led to exaggerations about how much money he made doing this (the truth is that he only made $65k from working there). He then became Governor of Massachusetts and later ran unsuccessfully against President Barack Obama in 2012.

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