How did Mac Miller die?

mac miller

Mac Miller’s full name is Malcolm James McCormick and he was born on January 19, 1992, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The son of two college professors, he majored in English at the University of Pittsburgh before dropping out to focus full-time on his musical career. His music is characterized by a mixture of introspective lyrics with themes such as heartbreak and growing up through adolescence.

He has released three albums: “Blue Slide Park” (2011), “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” (2013), and “The Divine Feminine” (2016).

Mac Miller died from an apparent drug overdose after authorities found him unresponsive at his home just outside San Fernando Valley, California on September 7th, 2018.

But what was the reason behind this drug overuse? L

A little bit about his family life, his father is from Yorkshire and his mother was Irish-American. The family moved around a lot during Mac’s early years which caused him to have what he described as an “anti-social” childhood. He would get teased for being different but that never bothered him because it made him feel special inside.

He also worked on his music career during this time, releasing “Blue Slide Park” in 2011. The album became the first independent debut to hit number one on the Billboard 200 charts since 1995 and was certified platinum only six months after its release date. This success led to him being described as a self-made millionaire at age 20 by Time Magazine.

In addition to his early career in rapping, Mac Miller also had a career as a record producer from 2013-2015 before his death on September 18th, 2018. This is exemplified by how he produced five songs off of Ariana Grande’s 2015 album “My Everything”. The two artists were even rumored to be dating at one point back then but they never confirmed anything themselves. It was later revealed that she helped him get clean during their brief courtship together which played a part in why he passed away so young.

How did Mac Miller die?

In September 2018 it was reported that he had died from an apparent OD at age 26.  Miller’s manager confirmed his death by saying “He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends, and fans.” (Rolling Stone) It is believed that Miller may have been struggling with drug addiction which played a part in why he passed away so young.

Tribute to his Death

Many artists have expressed their sadness and disbelief of his death on social media.  Some are planning to do tribute songs, which is a testament to the impact he had on hip-hop culture.  Mac Miller has made an everlasting impression on music with these classic hits that will live forever in our ears like “Donald Trump” or “Knock Knock.”

In the long term, Mac Miller’s legacy will remain. His music and work are timeless and his impact on society knows no bounds. He was a pioneer in independent hip-hop with a reign of hits that are still played to this day – “Donald Trump,” The Way Up,” “Loud Places” and many more.

He combined rap, rock, folk, funk into one sound all while being himself: an artist who wore his heart on his sleeve for everyone to see. On June 18th he passed away after years of suffering from substance abuse which led him down a dark path where addiction ruled over everything else. In recent years it seemed like things were starting to turn around but sadly fate had other plans for the rapper pop icon.

Did Ariana Grande Date Mac Miller?

Mac Miller and pop star, Ariana Grande started dating in 2016. The relationship lasted for two years before they called it quits. One of the main reasons cited as to why their relationship ended was that Mac had a relapse with drugs due to his depression and anxiety. They broke up shortly after he admitted this publicly on Twitter.

He also stated that while breaking up is always hard no matter what, there were multiple things going wrong at once which made making the decision easier than expected. This break up really hurt Mac and you could see that in his music.

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