Who is KTS Von and How Did He Died?

kts von

KTS Von was killed in the July of this year. He is a popular rapper and was shot dozens of times as he was killed cold-bloodedly. The rapper was shot after being released from Jail. His real name is Londre Sylvester. He was one of the three people that got shot in an accident near Chicago. He was shot on a Saturday Night. Authorities suspected that the rapper had connections with many crime associations and this might have been the reason why he was killed. Anyway, the world is feeling the grief of losing such a talented personality.

After he was shot, KTS was taken to a nearby hospital named Mount Sinai. But the wounds were far too deadly. The doctors couldn’t save KTS and he soon succumbed to all the injuries. He was pronounced dead as well. The authorities reported that the rapper was actually suffering a total of 64 bullet wounds to the head and other parts of the body as well. There was also another woman at the crime scene and she was also grazed by a bullet. The woman was also taken to the hospital and she was in good condition.

This incident has left everyone quite shocked but what led to such a violent shooting in the first place? Well, let us take a look at everything that we know about this incident.

How does KTS Von’s Death happen?

The death happened when many suspects exited two cars and then started to shoot at KTS’ direction. They shot Sylvester multiple times and after this job was done, the suspects fled the crime scene to re-enter their vehicles. The police were on the run to catch the suspects but they just couldn’t get them.

The surveillance cameras in the area captured the footage though and this helped the police authorities as well. The rapper was in many controversies before this shooting happened though. He was once caught with an illegal weapon. In this incident, KTS’ lawyer called for a bond hearing and he claimed that he was arrested on the 11th of June. He ran errands during this allotted time and day. Judge Lawrence later set a hefty bond of $50,000.

Was KTS related to a gang?

KTS stands for Kill to Survive. KTS Vons’ stage name tells his own story, doesn’t it? He even has this phrase tattooed on his body. The shooting of the rapper was quite unfortunate but this wasn’t the first time he was shot. It had happened before too.

A similar incident happened after Kamari Belmont was killed back in 2017. He was also released from Jail and was killed after the release. The police has identified KTS Vons to be related and be a member of the Lakeside Faction of a gang. The gang’s name is Gangster Disciple which is considered as one of the most notorious gangs in America!

KTS was injured

KTS couldn’t survive as he was badly injured. He had multiple wounds and he just couldn’t fight. Investigation into the incident showed that the shooting was very much planned.

Court records have shown the rapper had been jailed earlier in the month of June as well. He was jailed for violating the terms of his bond. The rapper was accused of many allegations as well. He was found possessing a firearm in Chicago. In addition, authorities also saw him driving a white colored Jaguar Sedan.  The late rapper was found with a 9mm Glock Pistol in this incident. These growing incidents of shootings have left everyone stunned. The authorities hope to catch the people behind these shootings soon enough.

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