How did Jamie Hector get his scar?

Jamie Hector Scar

Jamie Hector is an American actor of Haitian descent who is well known for portraying the drug Kingpin Marlo Stanfield on the HBO series The Wire. He also plays Detective Jerry Edgar on Amazon’s Bosch.

How did Jamie Hector get his scar?

Well, we are not able to answer this question because it is a mystery. Jamie himself hasn’t disclosed any information about his scar and how he got it. He does say that it is his trademark and it helps to bring out emotions. But, he never really opens up about it.

Short Biography of Jamie Hector

Jamie Hector was born on 1975 on October 7. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York where he went to school as well. He is from Haitian descent which made him a bit of an outcast but it also helped him in the film world as well. Acting was always his passion even as a kid. He immediately got through his matriculating exams and then started from Auditioning for plays. In his college years, James booked some roles which eventually helped him draw attention of big producers and even labels  too.

Acting Career

Jamie began his acting career in 1997. The first two years were his defining years, his debut came in the tv series New York Undercover. The following year he got a minor role in He Got Game as well.

Aside from this, he has also played in movies. He starred in the award winning production Ghost Dog which was directed by Jim Jarmusch. This was followed by a series of minor roles such as The Day the ponies come back, Paid in Full, Prison Song and Central Park Jog. His early projects included series such as “The Beat”, “Law and Order” as well as “Third Watch.”

Fame and Fortune

The early roles were very crucial in Jamie’s career. This made his portfolio and it also gained him experience. After all of these roles, he began polishing his acting skills and tried to be more adaptable. He co-ordinated and controlled his feelings and expressions as well. He enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in NYC from where he got he guidance.

One of his crowing achievements came in his role in The Wire which was a show that ran between 2004 and 2008. He appeared in 32 episodes on this series. And he played the role of the leader of a drug empire named Marlo Stanfield.

This drug organization quickly rose to the top of the Baltimore trade and it was mostly because of Marlo’s determination and principles. He took actions for the characters and his portrayal of the character received praise. He did as really great job with it and was ranked number 2 in 40 greatest TV villains of all time.

Jamie Hector’s personal life

Jamie’s personal life is quite private but we do know that he is married to woman named Jennifer Amelia. The pair got married in 2005. In the year 2009, they had their first child but unfortunately, a sad incident happened that ended with Amelia being pregnant and that kind of ruined the relationship.

Jamie and his wife decided to throw a party to celebrate their first child but a strange man broke in to the party and started shooting. The police later reported 50 shots being fired and at least 46 shells were found in the street. Many people in the party got insured  and affected. A teenager named Linton Williams, who was 17 died in this incident. Hector and his wife got out safe from this real mess though.

They even gave birth to a girl alter and Jamie’s wife posts her photos regularly on Instagram.

Social Media and Net Worth

Jamie is very active on the social media sites. He has more than 50K followers on Instagram. The family does have some rules imposed though so, they don’t really show their daughter on Instagram. Only Jamie’s wife posts the pics on her private Instagram account and that’s it. They do seem to be a happy family though.

In addition to the film projects, Jamie is also a founder of Non-Profit organizations such as Moving Mountains. This company does the work of training and mentoring talented people who want to become actors. The organization provides different drama, dance and vocal courses.

Talking about Jamie’s net worth, it is a mystery. But since he began his career early, he has a lot of successful projects line up and his total worth is around $2 million dollars.

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