How Did Bernie Mac Die?

Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac is the comedian who cannot be forget easily, his humor and his acting as a comedian is one of the greatest of all time as well. Sadly, he has left this world already and many well wishers as well as fan of him still looking searching for the answer of the question How Did Bernie Mac Die?

So, today we are going to learn about it on details and we will explain everything related to his life, career and death as well.

Bernie show The Bernie Mac Show was one of the finest American sitcom which was started on 2001 until 2006. From the first episode this sitcom has made the best effect on viewers and everybody started to love his show from beginning.

Who is Bernie Mac?

Bernie Mac was born in Chicago and his birth date was on October 1957, his full name is Bernard Jeffery McCullough. The childhood life of Bernie was not so easy he was raised on a family with many members and when he was kid, his dad was already passed away due to cancer.

His mother tries everything to raise him and his siblings as well, so we can say that his life was not so very much easy. But the comedian skill inside Bernie was from his early age, when he was just eight years old he used to do standup comedy at Church as well.

Bernie attended Chicago Vocational High School and this was time at 1973 but later due to his father death and also he needs to continue his education he moved to Tampa with his family to complete his education from Jesuit High School and this was time.

Due to poverty and not so skill he used to do many jobs like Janitor, cook, a delivery man and UPS agent as well and many more the list is much more if we add all his jobs he did in past.

He even did standup comedy on a street of Chicago subway to make few bucks but this was his key turn for the success of his life, from there he also started weekly gig at the Regal Theatre and also became a member of Comedy club circuit.

From this point is life started to take another direction which he may dream but never thought that it will be fulfilled.

He also got chance to play a role in Mo’Money in 1992 and after that he played a comedian role in Friday at the time 1995 from there he was one of the regular guy at Def Comedy Jam in the time of 90s.

In 2000, he also got a chance to starring at Spike’s Lee’s Original King of Comedy and from here his career started to boom. This was not so easy journey as you read and as we write about him, his struggle was very insane and he was doing everyday best to get at the stage where he dream always.

Finally in 2001, he started his own comedy show and named it The Bernie Mac Show at used to play at Fox TV. Till now this show has earned many awards including six Emmy Awards, the major turning point of his life was when he starred in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean Eleven where the world class actors like Brad Pitt and George Clooney was also playing the role.

This movie was life changing from Bernie his success was finally on his shoes and he was renown face on the world as well. Due to his super acting n Ocean Eleven he also played on a movie like Head of State (2001), Charlie’s Angels (2003).

How did Bernie Mac Died?

Bernie told that he had been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, this is a diseases which cause lung inflammation on the lung tissues.

He also got cardiac arrest two weeks before he took his final breath in August 2008, he died on 50 years old and his career was already boomed and many more good days was about to come but due to his health problem he left this world very soon.

When he died he also left his beloved wife, daughter and granddaughter as well, Bernie was buried after a week of his death. His death funeral was held with over 7000 people with the attendance like his friends, families which was held in Hope Church located in Chicago.

His funeral was also attended by top American actors like Steve Harvey, Chris and many other.

Just after this Bernie wife Rhonda Gore McCollough did a lawsuit of $50,000 against Dr. Rene M. Earles and the reason was that this doctor did not recognize the problem of Bernie and also did a careless and there was not proper treatment as well.

Chicago mayor also declared the day November 14th as the Bernie Mac day to remember and honor his talent. In 2017, RollingStone magazine also listed him as one of the greatest comedian on the world with 47th position.

By now there is also a foundation called Bernie Mac foundation which is run by late Bernie wife and his daughter as well.

What was the reason of Bernie Mac’s death?

Pneumonia was the reason of Bernie Mac death.

How old was Bernie Mac when he died?

Bernie Mac was just 50 years old when he died.

Where did Bernie Mac pass away?

At Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial hospital Mac passed away.

Bernie Mac Net Worth

Bernie Mac has impressive net worth estimated at $15 Million, most of his income were from the movies and shows he worked in.

When he used to run the Bernie Mac show he used to earn about $350,000 per week which is also insane money at the time as well and the show ran from 2001 to 2006 so, he surely made a pretty damn sum of money at his peak career time.

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