How did Ashley Lovelace die? What Happened to Her

Ashley Lovelace

If you are an active Instagram user then most probably you may know about Ashley Lovelace. Lovelace was an American social media personality, she has many followers on her social media accounts.

She was raised in Las Vegas and as per the reports she was really into fashion and singing, and when she joined Instagram her goal was to create a platform for herself. She became a famous and social media influencer in less than six months.

Tragically on January 21, 2019, she decided to end her life due to constant cyberbully and her mental health problems. In this piece of article, we will look deep into Ashley’s life and her death.

Why Did She Kill Herself?

Fans all over the world are speculating that she killed herself or committed suicide due to constant cyberbully but her family has not blamed anyone for her death. On January 23, 2019, her mother announced her death through Ashley’s account with the caption, “We should remember her for her beautiful smile and kind heart. Make sure that her legacy lives on since that is what she would want. I know that because she is my love and my baby daughter. Mommy always loves you.”

In the caption, her mother also clearly mentioned that they don’t blame any of her friends, classmates, or her boyfriend for her death and she also thanked everyone who supported Ashley and gave her happiness.

“Neither her peers at school, her boyfriend, nor any of her friends should be blamed. Ashley was nice to everyone, even the ones who didn’t like her very much. She was that kind of person. Each of us is mourning. God sent her to me 16 years ago, and I have loved her ever since. Out of respect for Ashley, please let’s remember her for her beautiful smile and kind heart.” She wrote in the caption.

On the other hand, fans were really sad and were trying to find the one to blame for her suicide. They undoubtedly believed that she took her life because she was influenced by cyberbullying. Some fans even posted some screenshots saying that Ashley was already in self-ruinous actions but nobody could notice it before it was too late.

As per the reports, there is also a foundation on Ashley’s behalf that spreads awareness on cyberbullying.

A Guy Named Tyler Edmonds Took Responsibility for Ashley’s Death But He Express no Regret


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A guy named Tyler Edmonds was one of the constant bullies Ashley. He is also known by the name Bardiidabully. Ashley’s fans blamed Tyler for his thoughtless actions but he showed no sign of regret instead he seems proud of his actions.

He was asked why he bullied Ashley and he calmly said that he got bored. Later he changed his Instagram bio and wrote “Yo roaches mad about Ashley get over it and I am the reason she is gone. I love to bully and I cannot wait to bully more.”

Even though he is getting criticism for his thoughtless actions he does not seem to care and we cannot say if he does not feel any regret or not but only he can but judging by his attitude he is doing it just so get famous or at least it’s what I believe.

Tyler is one of the examples of cyberbullying and there are more like him who need to stop, social media is a powerful tool that can change people’s lives in a matter of seconds so it should be used to spread love, joy, and positivity but people like Tyler always spread hate and bully others and according to a survey out of 719 individuals aged 14 to 24 years, 79% of them commit suicide due to cyberbullying.

Let’s not forget that when using social media we also have some responsibilities so if you can then support others who are trying and if you can’t then at least don’t spread hate and bully them, if you don’t like their content then you can always choose to ignore them.

As for Ashley we just wish that she is happy wherever she is now and her followers are decreasing but we shall respect her and always remember her so like her mother said let’s keep her legacy alive.

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