How Did Alan Catterall Die?

alan catterall

Alan Catterall who was 54 years old in the year 2010 died and the kayak manufacturer where he worked was found guilty of manslaughter and fined $200,000.

As mentioned above Alan was a factory worker but how did he die and why was the factory where he worked was fined $200,000? All of these questions will be covered in this piece of the article so if you want to know or learn about Alan and the reason behind his death then I suggest you read the full article.

How Did Alan Catterall Die?

According to the reports, Alan used to work in Pyranha Mouldings Ltd and in Runcorn, Cheshire, in 2010 he got locked inside the factory or industrial oven.

It is said that Alan was there to sanitize or clean the oven but his co-workers and Mark Francis who was about to become Alan’s son in law as he was engaged with Alan’s daughter and he did not know anything about it and as per the reports, Mark was the one who turned the oven on and the oven was designed in a way that if it was switched to on then it would automatically lock itself.

After he was locked inside Alan tried to get out of the oven with the help of a crowbar but sadly he could not escape or get out of the oven and he got burned and later died of shock.

After a while workers saw smoke coming out from the oven and immediately rushed toward the oven and when they opened the oven they found the dead body of 54 years old Alan Catterall.

The Court Found Pyranha Mouldings Ltd Guilty

After all the incident was heard on the London high court, the court found the company guilty and fined $200,000 and the court also found the managing director of the company guilty, and the managing director was also fined $25,000.

According to the reports, Alan had worked there for more than a decade and the sixty years old managing director, Peter Mackereth was not only fined but he was suspended for two years and he was sentenced to prison for nine months.

Video of Alan Catterall’s Death Went Viral

After he was dead, the video of his death went viral on various social media platforms. According to the sources, on Reddit, someone posted the video after his death in the factory and it immediately went viral.

How Badly Was He Burned?

We cannot even imagine how painful it might have been for Alan to be burned alive inside the oven and not to mention he did not even die of burning, he died because of the shock so we can try to imagine how bad it was for him and how scared he might have been while being locked and burn alive inside an oven.

We don’t know how badly he was burned but according to the sources, he suffered serious and critical burns. Just thinking about gives me chills and certainly, it is one of the worst ways to die.

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