About Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter, Holly Anna Ramsay

Holly Anna Ramsay

Holly Anna Ramsay is the daughter of British chef Gordon Ramsay. Gordon is a renowned chef and he is also the anchor for the hit TV show called Hell’s Kitchen.

Who is Holly Anna Ramsay?

Holly Ramsay was born in 2000 in England and her full name is Holly Anna Ramsay. Her father is a celebrity chef and her mother is a cookery author named Tana Ramsay.

She also has an older sister Megan, a twin brother Jack, a younger brother Oscar Ramsay and a younger sister, Matilda Ramsay. The fifth sibling was, unfortunately, miscarriage in 2016.

Moving onto her education, Holly is currently attending Ravensbourne University.

Holly has been away from all kinds of rumors and controversies though and her personal life is pretty private but her professional life is very public.


Holly’s Career is mainly based around her father and she appears constantly on his shows where you can also see her shuffling between the UK and California for the show.

Her hobbies also include cooking which might be a given in the family of chefs. But her career path is a bit different. She is interested in the fashion industry and wants to be a designer.

She finished her study in fashion design at London’s Ravensbourne University.

Holly has a really good social media following and she is a small-time influencer. While we couldn’t find her Facebook profile, her Instagram has around 250K followers. She hasn’t done much for her career though and this is because she is still a college student.

She is currently famous because of her parents but we think she will be a good influencer in the future.

Holly Anna Ramsay’s Achievements


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Holly has attended many ceremonies and programs with her father, so she is also quite popular in her own way. Her father used to run one of the popular TV programs and she has also made much attendance on that TV program.

Once she was also invited as a guest in American Idol where Jennifer Lopez was a judge at the time. And she has been involved in commercials of Daniel Wellington’s watch and Brandy Melville.

Holly Anna Ramsay’s Lavish Lifestyle


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Being the daughter of one of the richest chefs and celebrities is the dream of many kids all over the world. Her father has a net worth of more than $200 million.

But many times Gordon has declared that his net worth will not get distributed to his infants but you can see that Gordon Ramsay’s family has spent their quality time on luxury vacations and resorts.

But the lifestyle of this rich kid is not as you think, they did not show off nor do they show their luxury as well as cars on their social media profile.

With her twin brother, she has also been involved in many marathons and they love running races more than anything. Both brother and sister have also been involved in the Great Ormond street hospital charity run which took place in London.

She Is Very Close To Brooklyn Beckham


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We found that she is very close to Brooklyn Beckham a son of handsome footballer David Beckham. Both of their age is very similar so it may also be the cause of attraction but we don’t have any fact which can represent them as a couple, there was a rumor that this couple has dated some times before.

Her Social Media Is Booming


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It looks like she is not so interested in any kind of cooking like her sister and father but it seems like she found her fortune on social media. She has just turned over 21 and by this time she has 300K+ Instagram.

She posts photos regularly on her Instagram. Her TikTok account has also started to booming and she has more than 159K followers already and you can check her TikTok Account.

Her Battle With PTSD After Sexual Assault


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Holly was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because she was sexually assaulted at the age of 18. But she never talked about this topic in detail with friends and family, later she open up about this topic through podcast & Over. 

Also, she shared the feeling of how hard it was to share this kind of experience with the family. After this incident, she suffered from mental pressure and also stayed at a mental hospital for almost 3 months.

She said, “I went to university, studied fashion design, and I loved it. But by the second half of the first year, I was being affected by my PTSD and I had no idea that this was happening.”

Also, she added the reason for PSTD was two sexual assaults where she added, “I didn’t tell anyone about it until a year afterward. I just buried it in a box in the back of my mind.”

“I have been in therapy up to three times a week. I now have these diagnoses that I carry around with me,”

Who is her father Gordon Ramsay?


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Gordon James Ramsay is a British Chef, TV Personality, and writer. Gordon was born in Scotland and raised in the Stratford upon Avon in England. He is known for his restaurant chain called the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants.

Chef Gordon has been awarded 16 Michelin Stars in total and currently holds 7 of them which is a very big deal. He became famous for his British TV mini-series called Boiling Point. By 2004, Gordon Ramsay was considered to be one of the most influential chefs in the UK.

As a reality TV star, Ramsay is famous for his sharp, strict demeanor and fiery temper. He also uses a lot of profanity but his shows are famous all over the world. Some of his biggest shows include Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, The F word, MasterChef,  Hotel Hell, and more.

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