Hinata and Kageyama Relationship Explained!

hinata and kageyama

The relationship between Hinata and Kageyama is one of the most popular relationships in anime. Many people want to know more about it, so they can understand the characters better.

The first important thing to note is that they are not lovers. They don’t have a romantic relationship, but instead share an intense bond as friends and teammates. Kageyama has always been there for Hinata when he needs someone most.

This was shown in the beginning of the series, where after moving schools due to his father’s job, Kageyama was the only one that would talk to him.

Hinata has always been there for Kageyama when he needs someone most. This was shown in the beginning of the series, where after moving schools due to his father’s job, Kageyama was the only one that would talk to him.

Together they have overcome many obstacles and matured as both players and people.

Kageyama and Hinata were enemy

hinata and kageyama fighting

Hinata first met Kageyama in junior high as part of their volleyball teams. Their team embarrassed Hinata’s, sparking a rivalry between the two star players on each team. After that match, it became clear to him how much he wanted revenge against his rival for all those years of tormenting him with humiliating plays and taunts made during matches.

This changes when the two meet in high school as teammates. Hinata had been convinced to join their team by a friend, and Kageyama was desperate for another teammate on his quest to defeat the other school’s second year player.

Even though they are still rivals, there is an unspoken understanding between them that they will not interfere with each other’s strengths.

This becomes more evident when they get to play together, as their teamwork improves and Kageyama realizes that Hinata is the only one who can set him up for a spike.

Kageyama and Hinata argued and fight a lot

They used to argue a lot and if you have watch episode 5, than you can see there was almost going to be a fist fight.

After that time Kageyama and Hinata started to train separately but training was hard for Kageyama and he has to assume that he was training with Hinata to do or finish his training.

Hinata and Kageyama were destined to be on the team together, but they had some bumps in their relationship. They loved each other’s strengths and disliked each others weaknesses.

The two high schoolers worked tirelessly with one another until they discovered a new combined attack that became infamous amongst all of volleyball teams across Japan!

After School Life

After high school, some players chose other careers while others continued playing volleyball.

Hinata moved to Brazil to learn more about volleyball whereas, Kageyama stayed in Japan and became a pro-league player.

And after some year Hinata comeback to Japan and he started his career on pro-league. He also revenged on Kageyama over pro-league match because he has already developed a special skill in Brazil.

And there goes a match between Kageyama and Hinata team but all effort of Kageyama went to vain since, Hinata was back with more advance move and skills on this game.

Kageyama and Hinata are not on a romance kind of relationship, but yes there was a true brother relation among them which was developed eventually.

Hinata X Kageyama

In addition, their understanding of each other on a volleyball court is unmatched by anyone else in Karasuno! It can be seen in the first two games of this season, where they were able to anticipate each other’s every move.

Hinata and Kageyama both have a strong sense of self-sacrifice for one another and their team mates.

This is most evident when Hinata was on the verge of losing consciousness during his last game in the Inter-High tournament, and Kageyama was able to give him his energy.

Hinata has also shown selflessness by giving up a setter position for two years so that Kageyama could be number one setter on their team.

Kageyama and Hinata were enemies before becoming teammates in high school and eventually friends.

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