What is Hikaru Nakamura Net Worth?

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These days a lot of people are looking for the net worth of Hikaru because he just ranked first among the United States chess players.

Besides playing chess his main income sources are live streaming and the creation of content.

What is his net worth?


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Being top five chess players in the world he has made a pretty good sum of money. Nakamura was only nine years old he started playing chess and started to accomplish his achievements.

As per some sites, Hikaru’s net is around $50 million.

He is very skilled at chess winning him is not so easy we may need eternal practice. Many records have shown him as one of the rapid and tactical players whose strength is also in classical time controls.

He has already played against some of the world’s finest chess players like Alexander Lastin, Kaidanov, Sergey Volkov, Alexander Grishchuk, and many others.

As we already wrote above that Nakamura earning is not only from chess but he also makes pretty big sum from sponsorship, youTube and twitch channel and from involvement in cryptocurrencies.

He also has lots of followers on his social media account which has also contributed to growing his net worth. The funny part is he just claimed that he discovered his net worth from the interview that he recently gave.

When Nakamura was only three years old, his parents got divorced and he started to live with his stepfather but this was his life turning point because this incident was about to impact his future. Hikaru’s stepfather started to coach him to play chess when he was in his late 3 years old.

But the plan was nothing like this his stepfather just trained the boy, later he turned into chess grandmaster and was recognized as one of the finest and marked his name in top 5 chess players.

Nakamura was born in Japan

Hikaru Nakamura was born in Osaka Prefecture, Japan and his birthdate is on December 9, 1987. His mother’s name is Carolyn Merrow Nakamura and she was an American whereas, his father’s name is Shuichi Nakamura and he was Japanese.

The family moved to the US when he was just two years old and started to live over there but sadly, when he was just three years old his parents got separated and then he started to live with his stepfather in the USA.

His stepfather’s name is Sunil Weeramantry and he was of Sri Lankan origin but he was also a FIDE Master and Chess author. Being trained by the champion and chess player, Nakamura turned into a solid and best chess player. When he was just 7 years old his stepfather started to train him in a proper and full-time way.

Hikaru career on track


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Nakamura started to grow his career from an early age but in 2004, he was qualified for FIDE World Chess Championship which was held in Tripoli, Libya.

Over there he was in the fourth position defeating other grandmasters Aleksej, Sergey, and Alexander. From this game, he won more than $32, 000 as a grant as well.

Later, he won the USA chess championship and he also scored seven points per nine rounds making him USA champion at the time.

His Accomplishments

To this day, he has won many accomplishments and achievements which are a great deal and for his stepfather as well.

2009 was a great time for him because he won the chess championship and also became the 960 World Chess Champion at the chess festival.

Later in 2011, he also won Tata Steel Group A and also managed to earn a great sum of prize money. If you want to learn more about him then you can also check out his book named  “Bullet Chase: One minute to mate.”

In 2016 he won Gibraltar Chess Festival where he beat Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and later he won the Zurich chess challenge as well. Nakamura won two years in a row as a chess champion at the Zurich chess challenge.

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