Who is Herschel Walker’s Ex-Wife, Cindy Deangelis Grossman?

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Cindy Grossman is popularly known as the former wife of the legendary sports personality, Herschel Walker.

Cindy was in a happy marriage to her husband initially but things went south when her husband was diagnosed with a rare disease called Dissociative Identity Disorder. Things haven’t been the same since.

How Old is Cindy Grossman?

Former or ex-wife of Herschel Walker, Cindy was born in around the 1960s precisely speaking in 1962. According to various sources, she is now around 59 to 60 years old and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Cindy is blessed with dark brown hair with a beautiful pair of brown eyes. Even though she has aged now, we can tell that she was a full package of beauty at an early age.

As many believe people of her zodiac meaning Capricorn zodiac are said to be known for being attractive and smart as well as trick someone. Also, when I was searching about her early life I got to know that she used to be really beautiful and was a cheerleader in her school or high school days.

Who is Cindy Grossman’s ex-husband, Herschel Walker?

Hershel  Walker is an American Football Player. He was born on March 3, 1962. Besides football, he was a sprinter and he enjoyed Mixed Martial Arts.

He played college football for the University of Georgia and he earned All American honors three times. He also won the 1982 Heisman Trophy. He is one of the greatest college football players of all time. ESPN has ranked him second on that list.

Walker Began pro football with the New Jersey team in the US Football League. Later he joined the famous Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.

He also played for three more teams in the NFL. Teams like Vikings, Eagles, and NY Giants signed him. In 1989, he was traded for a fortune and he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in the year 1999.

Who is Cindy Deangelis Grossman?


Full Name Cindy DeAngelis Grossman
Date of Birth January 6, 1962
Nationality American
Birthplace Georgia, Florida
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse/Partner Herschel Walker (m. 1983–2002)
Kids Christian Walker
Religion Christianity
Profession Businesswoman
Education University of Georgia
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Dark brown

Cindy Grossman was born in the state of Florida in 1962. She was born in the town of Georgia to Thomas DeAngelis. Her father was from Cocoa Beach and he worked as a real estate agent until he retired.

Cindy is of American Nationality and she is white. She attended high school in Cocoa Beach and she went to the University of Georgia to pursue her higher studies and graduated with a degree in business.

Cindy was an athletic person during high school. She was a member of the cheerleading squad. Aside from this, not much is public about her early days. Even her background and parents are not known.

Is Herschel Walker’s wife white? Cindy is of American Nationality and she belongs to the White race.

Dale Russell Gudegast Ex-Husband Movies & TV Series

Since then, Eric has appeared in various movies such as The Forbin Project, Titanic, The Ambulance, The Planet of The Apes, The Man Who Came Back, 100 Rifles, and so on.

Further, he has appeared as a guest star in many TV series such as Discotheque Affair, Twelve O’clock High, Day of Reckoning, The Rat Patrol, Code Name: Diamond Head, Blue Light, and many more.


After her education, Cindy started a job. We don’t the exact details about what job she did but I guess she worked a common job. Cindy still remains a private person and she doesn’t really reveal that much information about her life in her interviews.

Cindy has also managed to balance the part of her life with a career of her own in the business world. She has been leading a couple of projects that have generated a good amount of revenue. So, Cindy lives a pretty lavish life from these earnings.

Marriage & Divorce with Herschel Walker

Talking about their marriage, Cindy was married to Walker before he was a star as the two of them first met at their high school. As per the reports Cindy was the one who supported and motivated Walker. As Cindy was a cheerleader, Walker’s sister was also on Cindy’s team and reports suggest that it was Walker’s sister who introduced them to each other.

After meeting they felt a strong connection between them and soon they started dating. After dating for few years Walker proposed to Cindy and they got married on March 31, 1983. Years after they were married, on September 30, 1999, they welcomed their first child Christain Walker.


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If we see it as it is there does not seem to be any problem with their family they were married and had a beautiful son as well but later Cindy filed for divorce and why is that? well, she was not crazy or mad like many thought she was for filing divorce with Walker but reports suggest that Walker had or was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and had a split personality which was a totally different person and he even tried to kill Cindy and himself on various occasions.

Admitting having a split personality Walker even stated that he remembers pointing a gun towards Cindy and after their divorce, Walker has been taking treatment and have improved a lot.

Who is Cindy Grossman Married to?

As per CNN, she is a married woman but there is no proof of news about her husband as well. Also, there is no trace of public appearances together till now has made this topic even more curious.

Also, her former husband is not married to anyone and there is no trace about his dating life as well.

Net Worth

As we have said, Grossman’s private life is pretty private. She has yet to reveal the extent of her income. We do know that her former husband was a pretty successful personality who managed to pile up more than $12 million in assets from his rather successful career in Sports.

What is Herschel Walker’s net worth? He was actually earning more than a million dollars in salaries at one point. There were also various sponsorship deals from multiple sources to add to that income.

Cindy has been pretty successful in her career though. She has got a really lavish lifestyle with luxury cars and an expensive mansion.

She has also got a few apartments in Georgia that cost thousands of dollars. So, we can say that she is doing more than okay for herself.

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