Who Is Henry Cavill Girlfriend? Is He Dating Now?

henry cavill girlfriend

Natalie is about 31 years old, she is Henry Cavill girlfriend and her father name is Michael Viscuso, her mother has already passed away and her name is Tammie Kay Baumann. When she was young her parents got separated and she doesn’t have any siblings as well.

Viscuso mother was passed away in 2017 due to a cancer called epithelioid angiosarcoma, due to lack of funding she also started a crowdfund for her mother treatment which also raised about approx. $25,000.

Natalie also shared a tribute to her mother through her Instagram profile in 2018.

Is Henry Cavill Dating Anyone Now?


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The Superman actor Henry Cavill has already announced about his relationship publicly with Natalie Viscuso, just after Cavill announcement the couple were spotted on London while they were on romantic walk.

His message to fans and followers was, “Dear fans and followers, I have a quick announcement.”. The social animosity has been prominent on my feed for a while now. There has been much speculation about my private life and professional relationships. While I appreciate the passion, I feel I had to make a statement, which is a bad thing in itself.

Social enlightenment is a phenomenon that is happening right now. More and more people are realizing that their own perspectives may have been limited, and that their views should be expanded to include others.

You people out there who show disdain in a surprising variety of ways are telling the world what to do all over the place. It’s time for you to stop. “I understand that speculating, gossiping, and diving into our own echo chambers on the internet can be fun, but your passions are unwarranted, and it damages those I care about the most.”

Viscuso was on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16

Viscuso was also featured on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 episode 1 in 2005. On the show her role was as a very rich kid as per the show description. She was about 15 years old living in a $5 Million mansion and her father owns Bentley as well as Ferrari by which she also surfs around the city. And she was also most popular girl on the school due to her father’s money.

My Super Sweet 16 was released on 2005 and it has around 9 seasons but Henry’s girlfriend role is only on few episodes of this show.

Who Has Henry Cavill Dated in Past?

Here are list of some girls with whom Henry Cavill has dated already in the past.

Maude Hirst

Once there was a rumor upon Cavill that he was dating Vikings star Maude Hirst and it was on the time 2009. Many times this couple were seen together to the public but everything is not sure because both of them has not made any confirmation about their relationship till now. So, only thing we know is very little about them and about their relationship.

Ellen Whitaker

Ellen and Henry met in 2009 Olympia International Horse Show in London, at that time Ellen was professional Horse rider and her family was on this field from long time. Her father John has also won silver medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Ellen and Henry relationship was getting more deep and deep, he also surprised Ellen with purposing to marry her. This all incident was happened before Henry found his fortune as a Superman in 2011.

Whitaker said that she was very surprised and couldn’t believe when Henry asked her to marry him. But sadly, this couple also did engagement and broke off.

Gina Carano

Gina and Henry dated for about 2 years in 2012 when Cavill was on his peak career as a Superman actor, by now Gina made headlines on many news site because she was fired from Star Wars‘ The Mandalorian.

Henry and Gina also adopted a puppy which led thought to many fans of them that this couple are going to be together for long time and many of us thought it was a good sign that this couple are very serious to their relationship.

But sadly, this couple also did made more than a year and they finally broke up. There were also many rumored about them but by now they may be even stranger to each other.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley from The Big Bang Theory was also once used to be a Cavill girlfriend, People confirmed that this couple were dating in June 2013, and it was sounded good and they were doing good on their relationship.

But all their love towards each other ended quickly within a week E! News said they broke up and their relationship was not even lasted for a month.

She was also once asked a question related to Henry on Watch What Happens Live in 2020 and the question was “Is the ‘Man of Steel’ really made of steel?”

Marisa Gonzalo

In December 2014, Cavill and Gonzalo dated for almost some time. Marisa was about 10 years younger than Henry but their relationship was also lasted for few months only.

Marisa also leaked many pictures of her and Henry to public, changing many girlfriend has made Cavill fans think that he never last more than a month on any of his relationship and he thinks every relationship very lightly.

Tara King

Once again Henry started to date with Tara King and they also made their appearances together on red carpet.

Cavill and King first meeting was on Mahiki nightclub based in London and it was around in 2015. At that time King was about 19 years old and Henry was 33 so many rumors once again started to spread but Cavill looks like he is on no worries from the press.

Talking with The Mirror he also said that he loves her girlfriend very much and he also added, “She protects me and is protective of me when I am having a hard time.”

He also added many good things about Tara and about her behavior he also said being more than 10 years younger than him she is matured and cares a lot about me and treat me like a normal human.

But his couple also split just after some years of their relationship, after their breakup Henry also invited her on his birthday which looks like very much hard for Tara to attend the birthday.

Lucy Cork

In 2017, it was found that Henry was dating Lucy and Cavill meet on the set of Mission Impossible 6, from there the romance between this couple started boom.

Once again Henry made a long statement on his Instagram account stating that he is on relation with this lady, but the Instagram post was deleted. But their relation did not lasted for long and once again Henry got single in 2018.

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