All About Heidi Klum’s Daughter – Helene Boshoven Samuel (Bio, Parents, Career)

Helene Boshoven Samuel

Helene Boshoven Samuel is a celebrity child and she is known as the daughter of Italian businesswoman, singer and actress Heidi Kulm. Her father is also a famous athlete who is known as the Formula One personality and his name is Flavio Briatore. Flavio is also a former Renault F1 team manager.

Who is Helene Boshoven Samuel?

Helene Boshoven Samuel was born on May 4, 2004. She was born in New York, USA and her both parents are famous for their works. She was famous even before she was born this is all because of her mother renown personality and popularity.

Heidi was very popular on her career at the time when her first daughter was born in 2004. Heidi Kulm was born in German and her modeling career started when she first made her appearance in “Model 92” competition.

Helene mom was already married woman before she was born. Although, Kulm don’t have any children from her previous marriage life and they did divorce in 2002.

Helen mom is from German and her father is an Italian, which create a mix on her appearance, making her look very attractive and beautiful.

Helene Boshoven Samuel Siblings

Helen Boshoven Samuel has about four siblings, she has two brothers and one sister. Her brother name is Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu (2005), Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo (2006) and her sister name is Lou Sulola (2009).

Seal Adopted Helene and Finalized Her Last Name

Heidi Klum and Seal got married on 2005, Seal proposed for a marriage to Heidi in Whistler, British Columbia. Seal full name is Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel and he is a famous singer as well as song writer.

They did marriage on 2005 and on the same year Heidi welcome her elder son and later that year another baby was born. In 2009, this couple welcomed their third and fourth children.

In the interview with MirrorUK in 2009, Seal made an announcement stating that he had adopted Helene Klum and her legal name has been changed to Helene Boshoven Samuel.

While adopting this beautiful kid, Seal said, “I and my wife Heidi wanted is to make Helene have same last name like rest of us had.. I never wanted to make feel Helene that she is different from the family because we all had the same surname Samuel. Being different surname can make her feel that she is step daughter, which I never wanted to be happen.”

After seven years of togetherness, this couple finally announced that they are separating and the divorce was finally settle in 2014.

Helene Nickename is Leni

As per Heidi statement on various media sources it is found that the life with Seal was very great for both mother and daughter. Heidi also told many times to media that Flavio was never present with his daughter at any time when she was in need of her father, so Seal was always there for her.

Helene was also given a sweet name by her father Seal and her nick name is Leni Samuel, which is also very popular.


She is still on her young days, and by now she is studying on her school in USA. Anyway, Heidi fans expected that her daughter Helene will follow the same footstep like her mother in modeling.

There is also high chance that she might follow the same footprints like her mother but many sources claim that she has a interest on singing as well.

There is no any information has been released on internet about her school name and where she is currently living. Sometime, her mother posts a pictures with her daughter. And the latest posted photo shows that the girl is getting taller and stunning beauty.

Helene Is Not Following In Her Mother’s Footsteps Yet

Helene Boshoven Samuel with Heidi Klum

Helene is now looking more beautiful, stunning and her height is also seems to be getting more taller. It sees like she is a model like her mother on various pictures posted by Heidi.

In 2018, while Heidi was interviewing with Hello! Magazine, she said that Leni has more interest on dancing rather than on modeling.

She also added that she never want to push any of her children to follow the track and will never force them to do same like me.

Heidi is now giving a lots of time for her kids to prepare for their career, what they want she will help them to achieve and will never block their way. She also said that she has been planning to hire some management companies to look after her kids.

Anyway, many people are very curious to find out if she will follow her path on modeling same like her mom did.

Flavio Relationship with The Other Parents Was Good Despite Heidi’s Claim

If you read above, you might have notice that Heidi claimed Helene biological father Flavio is not doing great to his daughter. And he is not helping Helene on her hard times as well.

But Flavio claimed that Helene and his relation is unbreakable, and he still loves his daughter very much. It is also found that there is a really friendly relation with Heidi previous husband Seal.

Seal also stated that sometime on media, he and Flavio are friends and while he was going to adopt Leni, Seal talked with Flavio for suggestion.

Flavio also said that he miss his daughter very much even if she is far from him.

Some Questions

Here, some questions that has been asked many times about Helene.

Who is Helene Boshoven Samuel’s biological father?

Helene biological father name is Flavio Briatore, who is also an Italian entrepreneur famous for his restaurant business chain and being insurance provider in Italy.

Her father was born in 1950, and he had played some Italian movies as well.

Is Helene Boshoven Samuel adopted?

Helene is a daughter of Heidi and Flavio, but when her parents did breakup, Heidi got married to Seal. So, after the divorce Heidi was still with Helene and Seal adopted her in 2009.

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