Where is ‘Heist’ Actor, Heather Tallchief Now?

heather tallchief

Heather Tallchief is a health worker from the United Sates of America. She s working for a campaign against HIV-AIDS. Now, you might be wondering why a health worker is famous, right? Well, this is because her life story is documented by Netflix on the documentary named as “Heist.”

This documentary follows Heather’s real life involvement in a crime that took place in the October of 1993. Heather was just 21 back then. The heist was pretty successful as the Police never really caught her! We will get into that Heist Story in full later on but first let us start this article off with Heather’s early life and Childhood.

Heather Tallchief’s Childhood and Early Life

Heather, as you might have guessed, was born in The United States of America. Which State and City? That information remains a mystery. We couldn’t find it and it was not even mentioned in the documentary.

We do know her age. She is 49 years old now so, this means that she was born in the year 1972. Again, due to the lack of a public life, we don’t have any idea about Heather’s birthday.  Heather was always interested in the health sector and that is why she still works as a health worker.

We don’t know where she went to school and sadly we don’t even know who her parents are. We are going to provide this information as soon as we get it.

The Whole Story of the Heist

When she was much younger, Heather was helping many patients who were suffering from AIDS. Back then AIDS was a deadly non curable disease and she was doing a good thing. But her life was not really satisfactory. And she thought her career was a bit dull. She needed some excitement in life and this was when she met a 48 year old man named Roberto Solis. Roberto was a serious murderer who had just done 20 years in prison.

Long story short, Robert was the key that made Heather enter the life of Drugs and Money. This changed her in a drastic manner and on the first of October 1993, the two decided to loot around $3 million from a armored Vehicle company. After looting, they decided to flee to Amsterdam to get away from the American FBI.

But the real mind blowing thing is that during this whole situation, they did not get caught by the police. Yes, they flew out of the United States without getting caught. The two went to the UK and started to live there as British Citizens. After two years in England, they had a son together.

Heather started to miss her home so, she went back to the USA and then confessed everything. She was of course guilty so, she had to serve 5 years in prison. After the prison life, she continued working in the health field. Her story was so incredible that Netflix decided to turn her story into a Heist Documentary.

Heather’s Personal Life

Well, Heather’s personal life is quite visible. She met Robert who was a 48 year old man and despite a huge gap of age, the two still got married and even had a kid together. They went to the UK after the heist and raised their child.

After coming back to America, Heather married another man but we don’t have his detail right now. Her son’s name is Dylan and now, he is all grown up. In fact, he graduated in the year 2019. He also makes a brief cameo in the Netflix series. The two are actually lowkey famous now because of the documentary.

How much is Heather Tallchief Worth?

Heather is currently on a decent job and earns a livable wage. Her healthcare job does pay well to sustain her life. In addition, she also has that Netflix deal and gets her share of revenue generated by Netflix. So, yeah, Heather has a pretty decent life right now.

Where is Heather Tallchief now?

Heather is living a normal life as of now. While she is not in public platforms, she is quite happy we believe. Having been under police custody for more than a decade, it might feel great to be free again for Heather. She is into medical science and even went to college to get a degree in this field. This explains her current work as a health worker. She mainly works with AIDS patients currently.

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