All About Julia Robert’s Daughter – Hazel Moder (Biography)

Hazel Moder
Full Name Hazel Patricia Moder
Date of Birth Nov 28, 2004
Debut TV Series All Access
Mother Julia Roberts
Father Daniel Moder

Hazel Moder is an American upcoming actress and celebrity kid. She got popular due to her lucky parents Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder.

Hazel Moder has also made appearance on some movies already. She is also done a great acting and it was loved by many people all over the world.

A Little About Hazel Moder

Hazel Moder was born on November 28, 2004 and she was born in Los Angeles, USA. Following her mother footprints she also started her career on her very early age.

Hazel first appearance starts in 2006, while she was just 2 years old. VH1 presented program “All Access” which also included many celebrity kids.

Hazel has two brothers Phinnaeus Moder and Henry Daniel Moder. They all are marking their way to Hollywood as well. Hazel is a white ethnicity and American nationality.

Hazel parents rarely post a picture on social media with their kids or mention them on internet. Like a many celerity parents they also want to keep their private life out of media and world.

But her fans always eager and keep on searching about her daily life styles and even about their family matters as well.

IVF was Used to For Hazel’s Birth

Hazel Moder with Siblings

Many people only see and follow success and best side of celebrity but many people don’t even want to know or doesn’t know celebrity are also human and they are also facing many difficulties in their life maybe not financial part.

Same happened with Julia and Daniel. They are very success on their career and also lives very lavish as well as luxury life but when they plan to have a baby there was a issue. Later Julia Roberts became pregnant through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) method.

When the Hazel parents caught visiting fertility center in Manhattan by media than many fans of her starts to take interest about why they were visiting fertility center.

Hazel has Worked with her Mother Julia Roberts

Hazel and Julia has appeared together along with Hazel brother in 2016 comedy and romantic movie “Mother’s Day”.

Hazel’s parents have kept all information and the kids daily life very far away from the internet. Looks like their parents doesn’t want to make unnecessary media and internet attention towards their children.

Julia Roberts believe that raising a kid on proper and normal environment which will also avoid any intrusion towards their family.

Due to this reason, we don’t know how Hazel is spending her day and what her parents has planned about her.

Hazel Interest towards Religion

She is interested on Hindu religion. Her mother Julia also practices Hinduism and was a follower of Neem Karoli Baba. Julia also took her daughter Hazel and sons to Swami Daram Dev’s Ashram Hari Mandir in Pataudi, Haryana.

They went to India to shoot a romantic and drama movie named “Eat Pray Love” which was released on 2010.

And Hazel was also given a Hindu goddess name Laxmi as well as her other siblings als got some other Hindu names.

Julia has Special Letters For Hazel


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Hazel mother has some very special letters for Hazel. Which she talked about it on her interview, those letters were came from Hazel father.

Which she plans to give to her daughter someday to read.

She said on interview, “I have a box that a friend gave me and it is painted on the inside where it says ‘Love letters to Julia from Danny’ where I have kept all my notes and letters that my husband has written to me over ten years. I’m grateful to give it to my daughter when she grows up. Great way to know your parents, I think.”

About Julia’s Iconic Red Carpet Dresses

In April 2017 interview with “People” Magazine, Hazel mother Julia revealed that she has one iconic red carpet dress which she kept safely.

She planned this dress to wear by Hazel Moder when she make to the red carpet someday. If Hazel will not make to red carpet then we don’t know what will happen to dress 😂😂 LOL.

julia roberts oscar win

That dress was on black and white color. Above image dress is she talking about that she wear on Oscar award only. Julia received a Oscar from her Biographical film “Erin Brockovich” which was released on March 25, 2001.

Hazel Moder: Boyfriend

Hazel is very young to have a relationship. She is still on her school and she is doing well on her studies as per many sources.

We don’t have any idea about her relationship, if she have a boyfriend also we don’t have knowledge about it.

Who is Julia Roberts, Hazel’s mother?

Julia Roberts is a very popular and most demanded American Actress whose works has won Oscar and many other notable awards as well.

Julia movies has gross more than $2 Billion on income making her most profitable actress for directors as well.

She was born in Georgia USA, on October 18,1967. Before marrying Daniel she was wife of Lyle Lovett. Julia and Lyle both got divorced on 1997.

Hazel Moder Net Worth

There is no any source that claim about her net worth. But looking at her current position and possibilities she surely will become a millionaire like her mother and father.

So, there is no any information about her income sources.

Although, her parents are damn rich with more than $150 million, and all of it from their acting career. Julia net worth is $140 million and Daniel net worth is more than $10 million.

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