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Has Jennifer Aniston Had Plastic Surgery?



Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

Jennifer Aniston is one of the best actress in the world. She is a really famous actress because of the hit TV show Friends. In addition, she is the daughter of veteran actors so, acting is actually in her veins. She has been in the entertainment industry since a kid. A lot of Jennifer’s fans have always wondered if she has had any plastic surgery in the past? Let us find out.

So, Did she have Plastic Surgery? Yes. Jennifer has admitted that she underwent a rhinoplasty which is a nose job to correct her nose. She said that the surgery was fruitful because after that she was finally able to sleep soundly.

Jennifer’s Youthful Looks

Jennifer is one of the highest pair actresses in the world. So, she does have to take care of her looks for her to be in the movies consistently. By the end of Feb 2020, Jennifer was 51 years old and she had already been working in different movies, TV shows and more.

Her net worth is more than $200 Million. She doesn’t look her age because of the resources that is available to her from being a Hollywood star. Jennifer seems to have stopped aging. Her beauty is often defined as being timeless. She has a glowing complexion and a very toned up body.

She does use some cosmetic products that have really helped her make her skin better. But she has denied getting surgeries on her breast and other body parts such as the hips.

 Popularity from Friends

Jennifer became famous when she starred in the hit TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The 90s show Friends was a very successful sitcom where a group of friends navigate their lives in the New York City. The show appeals to young viewers and this show made many stars such as Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and more.

Jennifer played the role of Rachel Green on the show and she was a hopeless romantic with a really great personality. A lot of people could relate with Rachel’s flaky, level headed and insightful yet sometimes stupid personality. She also had a really good style in the show and her hairstyle was something that a lot of people copied.


Jennifer has had a continuous youthful appearance throughout her career and this has been the subject of discussion for a long time. She does have a minor nose job but other than that, she hasn’t had much surgeries.

Anyway, moving on to her career, we know that she has had success with Friends. But it is not all she is known for. Her biggest box office success were Bruce Almighty, The Break Up,  Just Go with it,  Horrible Bosses, We’re the Millers, Marley and Me, Office Space and more. These movies have made more than $200 million dollars in box office receipts. In addition, Jennifer has also flexed her acting muscle in critically acclaimed roles in films such as The Good Girl, Friends with Money, Cake and Dumpling.

She made her return to TV in the year 2019 when she produced a show for Apple TV+. She even starred in the show titled The Morning Show. Jennifer won a Screen Actors Guild Award for this show.

How does she maintain her face?

Well, the thing is Jennifer has the type of face that looks great in all age. But there might be a bit more to this though.  She does maintain a really incredible physique with diet as well as exercise. She uses it for maintaining her face as well.

We have also heard rumors that Jennifer’s skincare routine is very rigorous. She uses a lot of skin products such as soaps and creams. Jennifer even has been using the same soap since she was a teenager so this has really made her appearance consistent.

She has also expressed that she loves laser peels and that was actually the secret behind her skin. She says that she is obsessed with it.

Jennifer spends a huge amount of money every year to maintain her skin. The sum is reportedly hundreds of thousands of dollars if the rumors are correct. Jennifer is a really huge star in the entertainment industry and money is not really a problem for her considering the net worth.

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