Who is Harry Styles’ sister, Gemma Styles?

Gemma Styles with Harry

Gemma Styles is a quite famous writer and a social media influencer. She is quite famous for her attractive personality. Gemma also oozes Confidence and she has quite a good body language as well. She is focused on building her own brand and does social media participation as well. In addition that, Gemma is also an ambassador for a non-profit organization. And did we forget to mention it? Gemma is the sister of the One Direction singer Harry Styles!

Early Life and Childhood in England

Gemma Styles was born in the year 1990 in Evesham, England. Right now, she is in her 30s. Her father is Desmond and her mother’s name is Anne Twist. She has a brother whose name, as you guessed, is Harry Styles. Harry was one-fifth of the famous band from the 2010s called One Direction.

Gemma is around 4 years older than her small brother Harry. At just 10 years old, she had to see her parents get divorced, and then her mother got married to Robin Twist in 2013. But this divorce did not really affect the children as both of them share good relations with their parents. Actually, the two siblings even got closer because of the divorce. Gemma spent most of her time in Cheshire, England when she was small.

Where did Gemma go to school?

Gemma has a good educational background. She went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. After that, she started college and did a bachelor’s degree in genetics. She got a certificate for the degree and then she also became a qualified teacher for genetics but she did not opt to go for the teaching career. Instead, she started writing. Gemma’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Relationship with Harry Styles

Gemma has a very good relationship with Harry. Both of them even have tattoos for each other. They are quite inseparable and the two are very happy as well. Harry has three tattoos on his arm, one each for his father, mother, and sister. While Harry was auditioning for a reality show, Gemma was there to support him. Harry has given the nickname Gem and Gemmy to his sister.

Career and Professional Life of Gemma


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Unlike most people that feed off of someone successful in their family, Gemma did not need the money and connections of his brother to reach the position that she is in right now. Gemma is quite a strong woman who has a pretty great career as a writer. Her writing is quite incredible actually. She developed this career during her college days. She has a good experience as well.

After developing this career, she decided to work with very huge publishers in the UK. And yes, her brother’s success did make a bit of a difference but most of it was her own work. Her writing gained international attention so, she got the opportunity to feature in multiple articles in magazines such as “Another Man”.

In many articles, she also wrote about herself and her life with Harry and their story as well. She even told the story of Harry’s audition and how it changed things for them. In addition to these online publications, Gemma also wrote many articles for social media and blogs.

As Gemma was very keen on exploring social activities, she started to write for Activism as well. She became a social activist and even made a partnership with MTV to promote the cause. She has a sunglasses brand as well.

What is her Relationship Status?

Right now, Gemma is in a relationship with a singer named Michael Miynowsk. He is a social media personality with close to 50K followers on Instagram in addition to being a singer. The pair have been dating for more than 5 years. They are quite private about the relationship though and they don’t really promote their personal relationship that much on social media.

Scandals and Controversy

There are scandals and controversies in the life of every celebrity. While Gemma only became famous because of her brother’s success, she was also the victim of fame and rumor. A lot of people believe that she is only popular and famous because of her quite famous brother. Gemma used to be a victim of criticism by many people. But she has proved that she can be something more and her writing career is a perfect example of it.

Social Media and Net Worth


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Through her writing, Gemma Styles earns an upward of $100,000. She makes this money per year and has been making it for a long time. She is quite an attractive person with medium-length hair. Her body is quite slim as well and she has round brown eyes. Her height as of today is 5 ft and 5 inches. She weighs 55 Kg. Her social media presence is quite interesting as well. She has a huge following. And by huge, we mean millions! Her Instagram has 7 million followers and her Twitter account is followed by 3.7 million people. Quite crazy!

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