Jamal Murray and Harper Hempe Sex Tap Scandal Explained

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Harper Hempel is a quite popular photographer, social media marketing manager, and a former volleyball athlete. Harper is quite famous for being the girlfriend of the renowned NBA athlete named Jamal Murray. She was one of the star players on the team during her college years.

Harper had the skills to play Volleyball and she even became a 3 time All State player. In addition, she received many honors and Awards from playing Volleyball. She also captained her school team 3 times.

Now, before we get into the details about Jamal Murray’s girlfriend Harper Hempel, let’s take a look into some facts about her.

Sex Tap Video Scandal

In March 22, 2020 morning there were a big headline about this Jamal and his girlfriend Harper sex tape scandal. A viral video was released on internet about this couple and in the video there Harper was giving oral sex.

The video was posted on Jamal Instagram account and people also believe that the girl in video is his girlfriend Hempel. He quickly deleted this video but many fans of him already downloaded the video and also did a screenshot.

Later, Murray said that this video was uploaded by someone by hacking his account. As per him, hacker uploaded about 4 video clip on his Instagram story and it was done by hacker.

Murray later apologized with fans for this incident and he also said that it was done by hacker. Also, Hempel request everyone to delete this video if anyone has.

hempel tweet

Later both Hempel and Murray deleted this social media account and they also showed that they are very guilty for this situation and will never let it repeat once again.

Childhood and Siblings

Full Name Harper Hempel
Birth Date August 31st, 1997
Birth Place Union, Kentucky
Boy Friend Jamal Murray
Profession Freelance Social Media Manager, Photographer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Ryle High School, University of Kentucky
Father’s Name Richard Hempel
Mother’s Name Colleen Hempel
Brother Conner Hempel
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Height 5’8″
Weight 59 Kg (130 lbs)
Social Media Instagram, Facebook

Harper Hempel was born in the year 1997 on August 31st. She is around 24 years of age as of 2021. Harper grew up in Union, Kentucky. She has a brother named Conner Hempel. Her father is Richard Hempel and he is the co-founder of eCoach which is an online platform that connects sports personalities to learn from expert coaches. Her brother is a Harvard attendant and he even plays for their college football team as a Quarterback.

As a child, Harper was very good at sports. She attended the Ryle High School which is in Union, Kentucky. In high school, she was a part of the School Volleyball team. Harper continued playing volleyball in college and she even attended the University of Kentucky where she met her current boyfriend, the pro basketball player Jamal Murray. More on that later! In addition to being  a volleyball player, currently Harper’s career is fulfilled. She got a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Digital Media and works as a Social Media manager as well as has a photography experience!

Career in Sports

A person who is capable of playing sports must have the necessary measurements. Harper has a solid height of 5’8″ ft. Her weight is quite constant too. She has the weight of around 60 Kgs. She has blonde hair and grey eyes. Her body measurement though, is not available right now.

Harper started for her high school volleyball team for 4 times. During her high school career, she was an All-State player for 3 times. She won her first MVP in her senior season. In addition, she was the captain of her team for three times. In high school, she also won many awards such as the Team Leadership Award in 2011 and Raider Award for her brilliant performances.

After high school, she continued playing Volleyball in college. She was the member of the Kentucky Wildcats of the University of Kentucky. She joined this team as a defensive specialist. In her second season, Harper played 13 matches and finished it with a kill, an ace, 3 assists and 20 digs. Harper also recorded her season-high score with 3 digits playing against Illinois and Wichita State.

In addition, Harper recorded the first kill of her whole career while playing against the Wichita State and also, against Northern Illinois. During her junior year in college, She played 17 matches and recorder the high score of 5 assists while playing against Marquette University. In the same year, she also became one of the only six players with 25 point rally score to have 45+ helpers in matches.  She also made a record with five digs while Kentucky were playing against the Golden Eagles.

Marketing and Management Career

After her college career, Hempel began working in Marketing and Digital Media. She even graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Digital Media. Similarly, Harper is a Community Manager for a company called Fact and Fiction. She does different Community Management and Social Management services for really famous companies such as Voodoo Ranger as well as Halo Top Ice Cream. Hempel also works as a social media marketing manager for All Social Jessie.

Passion in Photography

In addition to management and social media, Harper also  has a real passion for Photography. She even has her own Photography business, A firm that focuses on taking portraits, couple shots, kids shots, senior pictures, landscape pictures and so on.

Relationship with Jamal Murray

harper hempel and Jamal

As we mentioned, Harper attended the University of Kentucky. This is the same University where the NBA star Jamal Murray went and the two met. Jamal was just a freshman playing basketball when he met Harper.

Harper likes basketball too as her father is a part of the basketball community and she grew up watching the NBA. This was probably one reason why she fell for a basketball player. Murray and Hempel started to date when Jamal was on the college team. At this time, Hempel was still in her sophomore year.

Both Jamal and Harper were the stars of their teams though and they got attracted towards each other. Murray got drafted to the Denver Nuggets in the 2016 Draft and this was when he moved to Denver while harper continued her studies. The coupled stayed in a relationship even though they were far from each other. They got back together physically when Hempel finished her studies.

While the couple is still going strong, Jamal has to stay away from Murray because of the NBA. He is currently playing so, he has to follow NBA’s pandemic restriction and this has prevented the couple to really be together for a long time. Harper had to celebrate her birthday without her boyfriend Jamal.

Scandal and Social Medias Hiatus

Harper used to post pictures with Jamal regularly. But an explicit video went viral and both had to get off social media. They became very private after this incident and kind of stopped sharing their pictures with one another. Harper doesn’t even have a picture currently on her Instagram. An explicit scene got uploaded through Jamal’s Instagram and the girl in the video was Harper. This gave her unwanted attention and because of this, she deactivated her account. She had more than 10K followers on her Instagram at this time. Harper just did not want any negative attention coming her way because of the video.

Net Worth

We don’t really know the exact extent of Harper’s net worth. But we can estimate. She is a very famous person in the marketing industry and she has her grip on the Digital media industry. Plus the fact that she works as a marketing manager means that she has got significant amount of money. We guess her total worth is more than $300,000 dollars.

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